Georgian prosecutor Fani Willis responds to her detractors

Fani Willis has described receiving numerous racist threat since taking on Donald Trump's case

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis responded to her critics who say she had a romantic relationship with a prosecutor working on the election fraud case against former President Donald Trump.

During a speech at an old church in Atlanta, the prosecutor from Georgia said she wasn’t perfect.

Ms Willis is being accused of having a bad relationship with a lawyer who she says is a “great friend”.

She said the criticisms were because of her race.

Ms Willis, who is the first black female district attorney in Fulton County, spoke publicly for the first time about the allegations since they were first mentioned in a court filing on 8 January.

In the legal papers, Michael Roman’s lawyers claim that Ms Willis had a close romantic relationship with the main prosecutor in the Georgia election interference case.

MrRoman asked the judge to drop his legal charges, claiming that Ms. Willis benefited personally from their relationship. He also said the judge should not allow Ms Willis to continue prosecuting cases because she supposedly cheated the public by not telling about her relationship on purpose.

The lawyers claimed that the special prosecutor hired by Ms Willis was not very experienced, but still got paid about $650,000 in legal fees.

MrWade and Ms. Willis went on expensive trips together, like cruises and vacations to California and the Caribbean, according to the court documents.

MrTrump’s lawyer said in court on Friday that they are thinking about adding themselves to the complaint.

Ms Willis spoke at the Big Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church on Martin Luther King Jr Day. She did not talk about Mr Wade or the accusations of having a wrong relationship.

She talked for about 30 minutes about how she thinks race has been involved in the accusations, and she also supported Mr.


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