A 23 years old barber Kwame Amponsa has been jailed 114 years by the Mpraeso District Circuit Court for Secretly introducing 12 boys into LGBT activity.

According to Star FM court correspondent, the social welfare officer for the Mpraeso District got wind of Kwame Amponsa’s activity.

He quickly informed the Assembly member for Atawase who joined him to report the matter to the police.

After the arrest of Kwame Amponsa, 10 other boys showed up that he Secretly introduced them to the act and slept with them from their back.

The Presiding Judge for the Mpraeso District Magistrate Court told the press that, each act is binded with twelve years in jail.

However for not wasting the time of the court, six was removed remaining 114.

He also encouraged anybody who have additional information to show up so that they can trial and add more years.


  1. Way to go. These evil guys are turning most countries which they have Freedom to practice this evil into Sonoma and Komora. Look at South Africa, not only this evil is allowed but also adultery. If get your wife in bed with another man, you greet him “Hi” and leave him finish what he started!!

  2. Yes being gay is culturally incorrect in africa but jailing someone 114 year’s is irrational. I wonder what the jail sentence for murderers, treason , aggravated robbery is. Please africa let’s not use our courts in a wrong way way. This is not justice. The essence of justice is to reform the offender and not to kill. The judge in this instance only deliberately avoided to pronounce a death sentence.


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