1. Prior to elections UPND and it’s leader HH made numerous promises to the Zambian people .They even gave time frame in which they were to fulfil their promises. Zambians have, therefore, the right to follow up on these promises and to call UPND to account. This is their democratic right and you can not stop them. Since you, Mwewa Lane, are saying “give them time”, suggest the time you think Zambians should start asking the UPND Government to fulfil their promises. When shall your out of place terminology of “gestation period” start? You are just trying to please UPND. You know best the favours you want from them.

  2. Imagine you own a business and you advertise for Accountant job. 16 candidates apply and you pick on one based on what he tells you he can do. After dismissing the other 15, your new employee begins to backtrack on what he said he could do and starts to ask for time, only in Africa can they tolerate such…………Will these people ever develop this country? I am not seeing which direction they are going, even themselves don’t know. Governance is no child’s play!

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