…..laments that UPND’s appetite for vengeance won’t end here

Wednesday, January 12, 2022 (SMART EAGLES)

Opposition Patriotic Front (PF) acting president Given Lubinda has warned that more party senior members will have their homes raided by the security wings.

Hon Lubinda said the said individuals will also be summoned and investigated by the mentioned officials.

He lamented that the appetite by the ruling UPND for vengeance and retribution will not end any time soon.

The party vice president said this during a briefing at PF secretariat in Lusaka today.

“Many of our members and those associated with the pf have either had their homes raided by investigative wings of government or have been summoned by them to answer to all sorts of accusations,” he said.

“We are certain that the appetite for vengence and retribution shall not end here. As such on a weekly basis we shall keep updating the nation on these raids and arrests.”

Among the notable people from the party who have been subjected to unconstitutional treatment by the security wings since UPND took over power include former first lady Esther Lungu’s foundation where the officers only found wheel chairs for distribution.

The Kabushi Bulldozzer, Hon Bowman Lusambo is also on the list with Bwalya Kalandanya who had his house raided supposedly for sponsoring musicians supporting PF.

Others are Amon Jere, the PF aspiring candidate for Chipata Central, the former press aide for president Edgar Chagwa Lungu Amos chanda, Hon Andrew Lubusha, Hon Ronald Chitotela, Hon Davies Chama, Hon Stephen Kampyongo and Hon Raphael Nakacinda.

Hon Joseph Malanji, Hon Michael Katambo, Hon Davies Mwila, Antonio Mwanza, Hon Mumbi Phiri, MCC Mundia Mundale, MCC Capt. Walusiku Lyambela, Kaumba Manjolo Former DC for Lukulu and Glenn Chingumbe are also victims of the vice.


  1. Lubinda, you are an idiot. What victimization?
    Why were they stealing? No one sent them to go and steal. PF, niba Criminal Organization period. Pay back time.

  2. Mr Lubinda, you are either very dull or still think Zambians are very dumb and stupid! How does someone owning 59 properties in 5 become persecution. The impunity, arrogance and contempt still continue even when you claim to be rebranding! Whatever that means. It could mean this time to try and come into Government and start stealing while pretending to be nice. You are an old man now. Try to be wise and stop playing dumb Nakachinda politics for God’s sake!

  3. It is written in the Bible that what ever is hidden will come out and be revealed in the open. Nothing done in the dark corners will be kept concealed. It will be spoken of on the roof tops for all to hear and see.

    Zambia needs to come to deep reflection and seriously consider the causes of this selfishness that always raises it’s head to hold the masses in poverty while a few unimportant, arrogant criminally inclined employed bad politicians abuse their powers and steal from their masters with impunity. They fashion the system to hide, perpetuate the crimes while silences the voices of those who challenge their evil rule.

    We don’t mean all the politicians but we speak about those blood thirsty and greed ones. Those that deprive the young and unborn of a future because the selfishly want to amass wealth at the expense of everyone else. While to heap all this wealth their very souls and life is sold out to their small gods who promise protection from any harm.

    But, wait. There is one person who sits on the judgment seat of righteous who never sleeps or slumbers not slow to act.

    He is the one we have given ourselves to his ruler ship. Cleanse will take place from the church house, to the State House , Parliament and all government institutions. Why? Because we pray so. Every time we sign the national anthem we proclaim it. We owe it to the many young freedom fighters who fought and did to see a blessed Zambia.

    So, those who stole and know it. Have one chance now. Hand yourself in while there is time or else after the grace period has passed you will surely pay dearly for you crime.


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