November 15, 2023

Government says it will engage the Catholic Bishops over the concerns they raised in the pastoral letter.

Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa says only a dialogue provides an opportunity for the government to learn more from the Catholic Bishops particularly as to solutions they envisage that could be prescribed to some of the challenges raised in the letter.

Speaking during the weekly media briefing this morning, Mr. Mweetwa reiterated and affirmed
government’s unwavering commitment of being a societal and community demand driven government.

“The President of the Republic of Zambia Mr. HAKAINDE HICHILEMA is a strong advocate of polite and sober dialogue and consensus building on national matters with a view to achieving a win-win outcome on issues of national interest,” Mr. Mweetwa said.

Mr. Mweetwa further said that President Hichilema is a strong defender of the rule of law and that the law must be applied judicially and without fear or favor.

And Mr. Mweetwa disclosed that President Hichilema is ready to meet with the church leaders at the earliest instance of convenience.

He said that the nation will be updated on the outcome of the dialogue with the Catholic Bishops.

Mr. Mweetwa said that the New Dawn Administration is open to dialogue as a way of resolving national matters adding that the government will continue to maintain an open door policy and to be receptive to positive criticism from its citizens and institutions.

Upon assuming office, President Hichilema pledged to closely work with the Church in fostering development in the country stating that the church and government cannot afford to work in isolation but as partners in realizing the much needed development in the country as well as addressing challenges affecting citizens.


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