Edgar Lungu


Thabo Kawana, the Director Spokesperson at the Ministry of Information and Media, has refuted allegations that former President Edgar Lungu was prevented from traveling to South Korea by President Hakainde Hichilema. Mr. Kawana has clarified that such claims are rooted in misinformation and are not grounded in reality.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka, Mr. Kawana emphasized that President Hichilema does not handle the affairs of the office of the former President. He reiterated that the Office of the 6th Republican President operates under constitutional provisions and is managed by the Cabinet Office. Therefore, matters related to the former President’s travel plans need to be addressed through the appropriate channels.

Mr. Kawana disclosed that the Office of the 6th President and the Cabinet Office are currently in discussions to resolve any existing issues. He further explained that, for security reasons, it is essential that the Cabinet Office is informed when the former President intends to travel abroad.

The Director of Spokesperson underlined the significance of notifying the Cabinet Office in advance, even in cases where the trip is sponsored by external parties. He emphasized that Edgar Lungu, as a repository of state secrets, holds information that is crucial for national security, and therefore, the government must be informed of his travel plans.

Mr. Kawana clarified that the government’s role is to ensure the safety and security of all its citizens, including former heads of state. If the state is unable to provide the necessary security measures for a particular trip, it may advise against the travel to protect the individual’s safety.


  1. It is the UPND lies that I can not stand.

    Why do they lie about anything and everything ?

    Of course it is Hakainde behind stopping ECL from travelling. I mean who else can be that petty?

    • Ba Indigo, try to be objective. The former President is no ordinary citizen and he cannot just grab his bags and jump on a plane to go wherever he pleases.

      If something was to happen to him while he is abroad, it would be unacceptable for the government to claim ignorance about his trip or whereabouts.

      Let Mr. Lungu follow protocol instead of rabble rousing. His handlers must strive to abide by the required procedures then if permission is denied for no good reason, we can say he is being victimized. Protocols are meant to promote orderliness.

  2. Let him just travel. He is a free man and has enough money to provide his own security detail if government is not able to provide. Also a free man cannot be restricted from travelling due to government inadequacy.

  3. Ba JMC, I hear you.

    But this is African politics. You know how it works. I am just naive to expect Hakainde to overlook what happened to him, and introduce a new type of politics. I think I was expecting too much! Let me recalibrate my expectations.

    Your reasoning as to why government did not allow him to travel maybe valid reasons. But they should explain this to the public, instead of playing dumb. Though you and I know that this is just another tit-for-tat between HH and ECL.

    I would very much rather the state pursued corruption and criminal activities ECL committed. But this has not taken off seriously. You do realise that if Hakainde loses in 2026, then a lot of cases will just die. If PF win, God forbid, then well, you can speculate what will happen, even to Hakainde. I honestly do not understand why praise singers think PF can not come back. There is too much arrogance and complacency around.

    I submit.


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