Government warns sodomites

Monze PUND Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu address journalists during a press briefing at his office in Lusaka on January 22, 2020 - Picture by Tenson Mkhala

Government warns sodomites

HOME Affairs minister Jack Mwimbu says the rising cases of sodomy are are serious concern to government warning that all sodomites will be dealt with by the law.

In a ministerial statement in parliament this afternoon, the minister said appropriate action as prescribed by the law will be taken if anyone is found wanting.

Mwimbu has stated that 15 people have been arrested this year in connection to Sodomy.

Mwimbu said this is out of the 18 cases reported countrywide from January until date.

He started that from the 15 arrests, one person has been convicted 7 years with hard labour while 3 cases are still under investigation.

Mwimbu said this when he made a Ministerial statement on Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual and Transgender in Parliament this afternoon.

He said the increase in the sodomy cases are a serious concern to government adding that appropriate action as prescribed by the law will be taken if anyone is found wanting.

He added that the government will therefore investigate if there are people pushing for the agenda of Homosexuality in the country.

Mwimbu has however stated that the statistics could be as the results of the sensitisation of the criminality of such activities.

And Home Affairs Minister has implored citizens who attended a fashion event dubbed Lusaka-July to report to the Police if they have evidence that unnatural sex took place.

He added that activities that took place this year, were however no different from the ones that took place from 2016 until the last event.

Mwimbu also said there is need to avoid trivialising the matter.

By Mwiche Nalwimba



  1. The problem with Hon Jack Mwiimbu is that he is not proactive but rather reactive. He has been sleeping on duty for almost a year and wakes up suddenly to warn offenders. These offences would have been prevented if Mwiimbu was always visible and seen on the scene. What’s the point of coming out after the offence has occurred; “closing the stables after the horses have escaped.”
    The problem is UPND ministers has ministers like Jack Mwiimbu. Unfortunately, Kajoba is even worse; the PIG who keeps on apologising to PF criminals for enforcing the law. Whatca farce?

  2. Dancing to PF thugs’ sponsored confusion ? It is like telling thieves that stealing is a crime those that steal will now be arrested. It does not make sense.

    This whole no sense is sponsored by PF to derail your focus and it looks like they have achieved their desires.


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