Govt Must Expel All The Ambassadors Flying the LGBTQ Flag on Zambian soil- Jackson Silavwe


Government Must Expel All The Ambassadors Flying the LGBTQ Flag on Zambian soil.

The continued flying of LGBTQ flags at the EU, American, Swedish, EU and other foreign embassies to commemorate the international day against homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia in a country that criminalises the same is a gross violation of it’s constitution and sovereignty.

Additionally, article 20 of the vienna convention on diplomatic relations provides for the mission to fly its flag and emblem which are deposited and registered with the host foreign affairs. Has the pro-lgbtq foreign nations deposited the LGBTQ with the Zambian foreign affairs ministry?

It is blatantly clear that LGBTQ pro-Nations have no respect for the laws of Zambia the hosting Nation. We call on President Hakainde Hichilema’s government to EXPEL all the foreign ambassadors involved to show the world just how serious we are as a Nation against the LGBTQ agenda.

Silavwe Jackson.
Issued: 17/05/23


  1. Why are opposition leaders so fixated on bedroom issues and policing which style others utilise in bed? Let’s discuss issues that will transform the lives of ordinary Zambians, give people jobs, put food on their tables. What embassies do within the premises of their embassy is none of yowa business.

    • It will soon be your business when John, your son, announces to you that he is marrying Steve.

      Then you will understand that your chances of being a grandfather will be zero.

      • This is typical of people who demonise others. I have no doubt you would have been shouting the loudest in that mob that cried “crucify him”. Embassies that fly which ever flag they wish to fly have zero effect on anyone’s sexual orientation. Chasing away these embasdies even less effect. The stuff you allow your children to watch on TV and social media have more impact. And in a country like ours where homosexuality is a crime, we still have gay people who carry on under the radar. Good luck with your demonising career and policing the bedroom.

        • Ba no more Kabwalala, theft is a crime in Zambia and we still have thieves. Murder is a crime and we still have murderers.

          Laws are meant to discourage certain behaviour or conduct not eliminate the same.

  2. An ambassador who doesn’t know or recognise that embassies in Zambia are actually beyond the reach of Zambian law is not worthy of the title.

    • Gunner, they may be beyond the reach of Zambian law but our government can make an official complaint about their conduct.

      Iam just wondering whether the Americans would tolerate another country’s embassy flying the Al Qaed flag on their soil. Whichever way you look at it, it is an open challenge to our sovereignty. They would not dare do this in the Arab world.

      They have weighed us on their scale and figured they can get away with it. This is just the beginning. Next they will be sponsoring gay parades.

  3. Showing a flag at Embassies as is being done by the foreign embassies cited is advocacy…it goes beyond the confines of the embassy premises. It is projecting an image for acceptance of LGBTQ issues and is bound to draw some to this cause..This is not a bedroom and private issue. The foreign governments are presenting it as a public issue on Zambian soil. Let a foreign country in America put up an advocacy flag for female circumcision which is an accepted cultural practice in some cultures, or the statehood of indeginous tribes in America, the return of the Falklands Islands to Argentina, status of Gibraltar…and you will see what will happen to that Embassy. What these foreign embassies are doing is provocative and wrong, and not in line with diplomatic etiquette required in hosting countries.

  4. I hope the president will address this issue that is promoting LGBTQ, few can see the impact because of difference in IQ.

    Mr president HH we love you and your work if the west want us to respect them let them respect what we believe in, Zambia is a Christian nation. We can work with China, India, they don’t tolerate this LGBTQ.

    • There is no link between IQ and sexual orientation. And for yowa information Christ mingled with the outcasts, prostitutes, tax collectors in society. So please school us which version of Christianity you are advancing here that demonises people. God is not from yowa village and he did not appoint you or anyone to hate people on his behalf.

  5. Embassy ground is not zambian soil but foreign soil. An opposition leader is supposed to know this simple fact otherwise he has just shown his ignorance.

  6. LGBTQXYZ is against nature, and mother nature will strike back. Get all the LGBTQXYZ rubbish and send them to Europe and let them rot there. ZAMBIA must remain pure from this abomination


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