Minister Of Green Economy And Environment Hon Collins Nzovu
Minister Of Green Economy And Environment Hon Collins Nzovu

Govt Promises to Repose Forest 27, says Nzovu

GOVERNMENT says it will repossess the controversial Forest 27 in Lusaka East.
Responding to a follow-up question from Kafue UPND member of parliament Miriam Chonya, Green Economy and
Environment Minister Collins Nzovu said the trail of illegalities was too much in the past.
“Of course, I know that the ministry is new but I am sure that the Minister might have followed the hullabaloo around Forest 27. I just wanted to find out how far government has gone in addressing those issues around Forest 27,” asked Chonya in parliament on Thursday.

In response, Nzovu said government was actively pursuing the matter.
‘’The trail of illegalities in the forest sector will take us 365 degrees to elaborate and understand. Indeed, the illegalities were entrenched, indeed we need to work together to ensure that these illegalities are stopped completely,’’ he said. ‘’The wanton degazzation of forests went far too much; indeed forest 27 like, many other forests in the country, has been lost. Our recommendation for forests which were degazzeted illegally and unnecessarily, our recommendation is that these should be should be regazzeted.”
Nzovu explained steps that have been taken so far to correct the mess that prevailed under the PF administration.

“…Forest 27, the minister of lands and the minister of tourism are actively pursuing this matter and we have recommended as stated in the statement that, like many other forests which were shared by politically
exposed people, some of whom are in this House will be repossessed,” said Nzovu.


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