Hakainde Would Rather See A Vietnamese Raring Chickens Than A Zambian Running Business – Nawakwi



Hakainde Hichilema would rather have a Vietnamese raring chickens, says opposition FDD leader.

“I hear that they have closed Savenda amwine. That ACC closes Savenda and freezes accounts. It means that you have 800 workers on the streets. Now this is a person who is running around looking for investors,” said Nawakwi to Daily Revelation. “He is a person who would rather have a Vietnamese raring chickens in Zambia than a Zambian running business.”

-Daily Revelation


  1. Mama taulala pali HH . Find your own . There so many singles and widowers who would marry u . Donot restrict your choice try bamwenye as well

  2. But there many Chinese, alot of them who started raring chickens, Lebanese moulding blocks and running restaurants alot of them came in our country and were permitted by the previous government to run these business. It wasn’t HH by then who brought or invited them. Does it mean that ba nawakwi didn’t know and see them. Or it is just hatred of one HH. It’s not fair to speak but the truth of one person everytime. Lesa akamikanda.

  3. This disgrace of a woman should be married off to a hyena because she is like them. Desperate for attention, soon she will be with mumbi phiri this biatch

  4. This psyche and sarcasm of some people by mentioning other nationalities and races like “Vietnamese” when they are innocent merely brings them into ridicule, all in order for yourself to appear intelligent smacks of racism and stupidity, to say the least. If there are some Fundamentalist and Fanatical Vietnamese, they could easily declare a “Fatwah” on you, and in no time your head and the rest of your body separated: beheaded!! Why mention Vietnamese, muleshiya umutundu wenu katwishi inga mutundu nshi, I am sure if Tribes were capable of disowning people, some people would long be tribeless, mulandu wabunangwa nobupuba!!

  5. Nanyakwi, tell us where Savenda was before 2016, prove to the nation that Savenda was as big as it suddenly became under the thieving regime. Prove that it’s sudden growth had nothing to do with corrupt practices and looting and plunder that became the order of the ECLPF? When you are done, then go to Vietnam and look for a husband or husband’s who can come and invest in your bedroom. Stupid idiot.

    • Leave Nawakwi alone. She is not the only one in the country who is not married. Don’t insult her. Some of you who are insulting Nawakwi cannot even match her intellectual capacity.

  6. It is better to close a corrupt company than keep it for the sole reason that it is keeping 800 workers. A chicken is a chicken irrespective of who rares it. Nawakwi does not see corruption as a bad vice. To her if corruption can produce something good, why not cherish it.

  7. By the way, there was an issue of carlington maize scandle where Edith nawakwi as a minister in the chiluba MMD government was implicated how did it end.anyone with an information how this talkative woman got involved in it

  8. If the Vietnamese can give me better chickens at a cheaper price then why not? Better than some zambians who got $2 million for maize which was never supplied.


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