Democratic Party Vice President Judith Kabemba and party national treasurer, Justine Nkonge, have stabbed their party leader Harry Kalaba in the back, banishing him from the party and from accessing the Secretariat.

They have accused Mr. Kalaba of working with the Patriotic Front while neglecting founding members of the party.










  1. Drama in the house. What is going on here? It seems we have opposition parties having in house fights and now no one is paying attention to offering checks and balances to UPND.

    Even PF is tearing it’s self apart. Especially with the people at the top. They see to be stuck with the same old rejected message of hatred and tribalism. Which the PF supportors also hate.

    With the way things are looking, it’s clear UPND is here for a long long time to come.

  2. To bring confused minds like PF in Democratic party is a sign of failure. Kalaba can not sink so low by allowing the PF genetically modified politicians into DP.

  3. I entertained a liking for Harry Kalaba but always but always failed to find REAL leadership qualities him. Leaders inspire people to follow them through what they say and do.

    That’s over for Kalaba.

  4. Kalaba is gone, with that Mike Tyson vs Evender Hollyfied kind of stuff I saw in the video clip, we have no opposition to keep checks and balances on our UPND which I very much cherish. I thought Kalaba would be our next president after thirty years of UPND rule i.e after 2051. He has messed up himself, he is finished kwasila!

  5. It is sad that we the UPND have no strong opposition to do checks and balances as the Democratic Dispensation dictates.

    It is indesputable that we are astute, Meticulous, Methodical and Systematic in Our Governance and all Zambians including the disgruntled PF members are happily enjoying our Leadership as UPND.

    However, we need an opposition Political Party to check on us. It is said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupt absolutely. Hence, we need that Democratic sieve valve for our fregling Democracy to grow.

    Essentially, We need Dr M’mumbe, Kalaba, Dr Nevers Mumba, Sinkamba, Tayali, Sean Tembo and all others to offer checks and balances on our good selves as victorious UPND now in Government.

    A disorganized opposition can not offer prudent checks and balances on behalf of the Zambian people as they will be busy engaged in their infighting.

    What we witnessed happening with our beloved fellow Citizens in DP is a disgrace and extremely disappointing. Such conduct by Leaders sends a negative message to all corners of our country that such a party is moraly bunkrapt to offer checks and balances on the Ruling Party.

    As for Dr M’mumbe it is non start because as a Leader, you need Taxes from citizens to facilitate operations of Government as we all know it.

    Now, how could one aspire for a Presidential Position when his popular company was closed due to failure of paying Taxes. So, again here the man’s Morality is questionable.

    Dr Mumba and Sean Tembo are not enough to be the only ones to offer constructive criticisms to Government as their voices can easily be ignored.

    But when the majority of the opposition Parties speak, Government with a listening President His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema is made to adhere and act or refreign from doing something.

    Mwenekwasu osaniatana yai, azungu zikuti, (Fighting is an ignorant way of solving problems)



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