By Dr. Brian Mushimba

As we continue celebrating Africa Freedom Day, I would like to celebrate General Chinkuli.

As one of the first three Zambians sent to Sandhurst in the UK for officer military training, he rose, at a very young age, to take over as the first indigenous commander of the Zambia Army in 1970 at the age of 31.

For 6yrs he expanded, grew and improved the army. He was rewarded, in 1976, with an elevation to lead all three military units in Zambia; the Airforce, ZNS and the Army as well as becoming a Deputy Minister of Defense.

He led the efforts in the liberation struggles in the region that KK signed up the country for much of his military career.

In 1978, he was elevated to a full cabinet minister in charge of Power, Transport and Communications. He would serve, over the next decade or so, in several ministerial positions.

He stayed on and saw the transition of government from single party to multiple party and the end of UNIP’s hold on power in 1991.

Today, he is the Country Manager of FQM in Kalumbila and still actively contributing to national development into his 80s.

Our living heroes that must be celebrated while we still have them among us.

He visited me regularly at my office while I served in government; such a nice and humble man looking at his immense contributions to Zambia!

Thank you for your service to country, General Kingsley Chinkuli 🙌🏾



  1. The first 4 start general of the zambia army.
    The first zambian-african commander of Zambia army.
    The first commander of the zambia national defense forces (zndf)
    The first commander of the military to be transformed in political ministerial position
    A prince from the lenje kingdom, his father was late chief Liteta right at chibombo centre.

    Nsobene. Twalumba baami. You led the way in so many ways. You are the pioneer architect responsible for the discipline and professionalism of the zambia military services which is still outstanding in africa to this day.

    Soldier General. Always appreciated. May sunset for fading away be the will of God. You are a shinning star bashimishesu, baami.

  2. The author was supposed to write about his routes not beating about the bush….

    Practice pure investigative journalism.

  3. Problem is in the 70s only those who failed form 5 ( with straight 9s) went into the army to be trained as commissioned officers. I do not take away from General Chinkuli his achievements, he is a fine gentleman and well educated. It would have been helpful to clear his route to the top by stating his academic qualifications in view of what was prevailing then.

  4. Form fives were very few.
    Government was literally chasing citizen’s and coaxing them to get government jobs.
    Heroes ?????…….


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