By Dr. Aaron Mujajati

Meet Jerome Kanyika. He is a Pharmacist. In my career I have worked with professionals from different backgrounds and we are all unique in our own ways.

However, allow me to talk about this great son of the soil.

If you are familiar with the infamous “Honey Bee” scandal then the name Jerome Kanyika should not be strange to you.

This man risked his career, his reputation, his business and maybe even his own life not for his own interest, but yours and mine.

At a time when it was not fashionable to stand for what is right he was a lone voice. I sometimes feared for him.

He made so much noise despite the risks until the nation was protected from consumption of substandard products.

In my books and yours these are men we should be encouraging our young people to emulate.
Jerome Kanyika, we doff our hats to you my good Sir.


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