HEROINE: A Brave Girl Who Risked Her Life To Save 12 Abducted Girls

This is a girl who risked her life by jumping over the wall fence, to bang on the gate of a complete stranger without the fear that the abductors might be in the same yard.

Her name is Agness Kapwaya. She banged with a stone on a gate while screaming for help. “I’m one of the abducted girls, my friends are still inside and are scared to run for their lives, they are still trapped, please help, help help” she screamed.

Agness Kapwaya saw an opportunity to rescue herself from her abductors after they left the bedroom door unlocked.

She pushed the door quietly, quickly walked past through the passage, existed the outside door. Fearing to meet the abductors who she was certain could end her life, she decided to jump over the wall fence and dropped on the ground of the backyard.

According to her relative, she managed to run to ask for help to have all her friends to be rescued. Among them was Pamela Ela Chisupa.

“She had the opportunity to just run to save herself alone. But she realized the danger she was going to put her friends in. So instead she ran to look for help to have other girls rescued”.

“Other girls where still trapped inside and probably, they would have been killed if the abductors came on time to find that one has escaped. I’m proud of my sister, she saved her other colleagues through her bravely and courage” a sister said.

Agness Kapwaya is a first year nursing student at Gideon University in Chilanga, and she went missing three weeks ago.

By Prince Kaliza Jnr.

To God & Countryā€¯.


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