RAPHAEL Nakacinda has accused President Hakainde Hichilema of having damaging the good reputation of people of Southern Province by allegedly practicing politics of regionalism and tribalism as well as promoting hate speech against people from other regions.

Mr Nakacinda, the Patriotic Front secretary general said President Hichilema has been using every opportunity and forum to issue remarks, claiming that his tribe (Tonga) had been marginalised and harassed under the previous government to cultivate and incite hatred in the Tonga-speaking people against other tribes.

Mr Nakacinda recalled when President Hichilema was addressing the people of Choma and suggesting that if they allowed the PF to come back, they would be bringing back the victimisation of their tribe.

“The first people to rise against this tribalism is us Tongas https://dailynationzambia.com/


  1. Does it mean that when Lungu and his PF administration sidelined the people of muchinga, eastern and the northern province when his cabinet just comprised of three regions. Infact don’t drag the Tongas in your unproductive and useless talk. HH has shown his ability to rule and unite this country because of his belief in national unity.You should be ashamed and learn to give credit were it due.

  2. You are wasting your time with such kind of politics that formular of tribe was tried in 2021 and it didn’t work.He will wire you people.You don’t have any message for people of Zambia.I really feel pity for you.How can you win elections with such shambolic messages which expired long ago.HH is really blassed the opponents can’t find a better campaign formula.

  3. If HH is denting anyone’s image, it’s his own image he’s denting. Talk of this kind where one individual’s actions are taken to commit the whole tribe is backward and stupid. But then it’s Raphael Nakacinda saying it. What else can come out of his mouth?

  4. When , say HH is the father of tribalism, hatred, racism, violence and religionist which is part of his biological DNA makeup and identity. Look at the people surrounding him as advisors or in higher positions are those like Larry Mweetwa, Mark Simuwe, Siandengu, Siakalima and so forth who are generally with similarities and interests. These were people who had people from the now most hatred provinces as friends and protectors whom they have turned against because it’s their time. They are full of hatred towards the northerners and Easterners. When HH is talking openly like this, imagine what they they say in darkness or amongst themselves! This is why you have seen the government institutions, parastatals, quasi, ECZ, police, ACC, Prisons, Army, ZaF, judiciary, ZRA, Teaching, Any department the appoints are all Tongas at the Top. To cement and block any change of power should HH lose elections in 2026.
    To my brothers and sisters following HH be careful because nothing lasts for ever . Starts amending your relationships with those people you used to call friends, families, sisters and brothers because 2026 is not like 2021 when the entire country wanted to try something different and new. People have seen and witnessed the most evil acts and tribalism at its worst since independence even before independence under this administration. You are suppressing people who can help you to hear what they are thinking, feeling, thoughts and their behaviours towards HH dictatorship. I don’t know how you guys will be facing these individuals you are treating like outcasts or less Zambians. The wind of political change is in full motion, whether you deny the opposition political parties campaigns , meetings, associations, assemblies, the campaigns are in full swing than ever, no Zambia want to like or support an individual promoting or defending and encouraging tribalism. The hour has come for change in 2026

    • Thinking inside the (ethnic) box has become the norm for these brothers. HH doesn’t need an election to remain in power.He has already captured all institutions of government including the army, police,judiciary,parliament and the ECZ to name a few. The dictatorship is already operating!!
      All opposition presidential contenders will be off the ballot as they will be “unavailable” to file their nomination papers!!!

  5. Speak for yourself you sick Dickhead Nakachinda! Who are you to be speaking for all Tongas?
    You were eating alone when Lungu appointed you leaving your fellow Tongas to all sorts of harassment and even death. You didn’t even know that you were Tonga then and today you want to appoint yourself as our spokesperson – are you not ashamed of yourself?
    Fortunately, jail is waiting for you and you’re damn scared. Concentrate on your court cases and leave us alone. Wagunwa.

  6. The reasoning of Mr. Nakachinda defies logic. How does the actions of one man affect the way a whole ethnic group is perceived? Mr. Lungu’s reign was disastrous. Does it mean we should judge all Easterners as being corrupt, drunkards and violent?

    People must be judged as individuals not as a group. But then, it is typical of Mr. Nakachinda’s world view. Like the rest of Mr. Lungu’s hangers on, he perceives everything with tribal lenses.

  7. Stop the tribal talk please. If you have nothing intelligent to say best keep quiet we may give you respect for that.

  8. People leaning on tribe have nothing else to orbit around. Who is nakanyenga? A rifraf who has no brain. How did this guy become a minister? Drunk appointing president

  9. Have you ever considered how old people feel? More often than not, they’re alone. They don’t really have many friends, and some haven’t any at all. Their own families have basically abandoned them, like they weren’t even area of the household. And the worst component? They’ve lost their wife because of their age. So, what’s a grandma gotta do to obtain some attention and care? You’d think they’d have family and friends by their side in their golden years, but sadly, they’re on their own.Naked Grannies Site : regardless of how kind and loving they’re, they usually find yourself alone as they get older. It’d be excellent if themselves showed them even more love and care.

  10. The style of politics and engagement adopted by the opposition political parties is retrogressive and does not give hope to the Zambian people. It is too monotonous and irritating every time their talk is only about tribalism accusations.

    The job of the opposition political parties in a democratic state is to offer constructive and genuine criticism which is fair aimed at contributing to the development agenda of our country.

    It is unfortunate to observe that the path taken by the opposition political parties to engagement government in politics is confrontational and provocative centering on malice and falsehood. On the other hand, the government should not entertain their hypocrisy and or respond theie nonsensical allegations.

    His Excellency President Hikainde Hichilema is a good leader who has created a fair political enabling environment for democracy to thrive in this country. The government ministers and other UPND political leaders should be in the forefront to disseminate information on massive economic development the government has achieved and the plans it is implementing to develop this country and alleviate poverty.

  11. This whole thought of bringing a person’s personal successes or failures upon the whole tribe is very backward thinking, this is why it is wrong for one to call upon the traditional rulers or entire tribes when faced with personal criminal charges. I don’t know why people listen to confirmed confused people

  12. When is this Nachikachinda going back to serve pending jail sentence please. I personally l’m very tired and obsessed with his political maneuvers.


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