Harry Kalaba
Harry Kalaba

Hakainde Hichilema is failing to give credit to Edgar Lungu for the projects PF initiated, says Democratic Party (DP) leader Harry Kalaba.

And Kalaba charged that President Hakainde Hichilema is oppressing political opponents using the law enforcement agencies.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Phoenix “Let the People Talk” programme on Friday, Kalaba while President Hichilema was failing to give credit where it is due, his party would practice elevated politics.

“President Hakainde Hichilema never recognised President Edgar Lungu as Head of State. While in opposition, President Hichilema always referred to his predecessor as Mr Lungu. You check the records. And the Head of State is failing to give credit to his predecessor when commissioning projects that were initiated by the PF government,” Kalaba explained. “In our case, we shall give credit where it due. We will recognise and appreciate the strengths of President Hakainde Hichilema. And where he is not doing well; we will offer credible checks and balances. We will always practice elevated politics. We will not come on radio just to waffle. No!”

Further further said that President Hichilema is using law enforcement agencies to silence political opponents.

“The Anti-Corruption Commission is now fa… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/hh-is-failing-to-give-lungu-credit-for-his-achievements-says-kalaba/


  1. Kalaba best be quiet if you have nothing sensible to talk about. Why do you want a sitting president to idolise an ex president who persecuted him? Why and for what. Why Don t you sing praises of ECL? The opposition in our country is petty you all sound like a group of jealous disgruntled ex wives.. honestly to think you were once a foreign affairs minister. Shame on you.

  2. The Bible says “. . . Do on to others as you would like them to do on to you . . ” ! Don’t waste your breath Kalaba, whatever Hichilema is doing to others today, will be done to him as well! I worked with Tongas in government I never saw or heard any of them commend anybody who was not Tonga. They only recognise and commend fellow Tongas! Fortunately , Zambians have known who and what they are now! Some of the qualities of Tongas are: 1. They are very jelousy of achievements of other tribes. 2. They are too power-hungry. 3. They only recognize the presence of fellow Tongas in their midist! 4. They are very u friendly to other tribes!

  3. Lungu’s achievement are as follows
    Raping Zambia
    Gassing zambians
    Fire truck tender’s
    Honeybee scandle
    Valden Findlay controlling Lungu
    Murders of zambians
    Selling Zambia to the Chinese
    Any more you wish to have

  4. The 2.8 million votes was going to be the best compliment for him, but the 2.8 million di not see any ECL achievement to acknowledge.

  5. KALABA WHEN YOU SAY “In our case, we shall give credit where it due”. We will recognize and appreciate the strengths of President Hakainde Hichilema”. IS THIS THE REASON WHY YOU WANT TO BE PRESIDENT? JUST TO GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE? THEN YOU ARE JUST A TIME WASTER. JUST GO BACK TO PF WHICH YOU LEFT PREMATURELY.

    • Mukuka,mandanda and manganga this country it doesn’t belong to your tribe alone but all Zambia therefore you should not bring tribal talk here.zambia got independence because of Tonga’s who sold they animals to raise money for Kaunda and nkumbula bwana the history is they you can check.From day one Tonga’s they have been voting for other tribals therefore this time I don’t see any problem of running this country compared with Edgar Lunga who promoted bad things in zambia.kaunda,chiluba and mwanawasa those guys where are not Tonga’s but southerners voted for them.Other provinces are honest than ours therefore if we are to share some provinces northern block can suffer because of our leaders who are not honest to our coffer while other provinces they can do better.what do the northern block produce or add to the national? And what do the west block produce or add to the national? Northern block can be like Zaire, Burundi, south Sudan and Somalia .

  6. I dont know what tribe Mandanda is,but his views about my beloved Tongas, who are also my tribal cousins is toxic. He is one of the people who think HH7 shouldnt be the President of the Republic of Zambia because he is a Tonga. The hate the Tongas are getting from people who think they are from “super tribes” is nothing but pure jelousy. Tongas dont care for government handouts in normal circumstances because of their indepedent spirit. Being a Tonga is being self reliant. Tongas dont worry, people from Barotseland like me will always walk with you. You will never walk alone!

  7. Tongas are a very selfish tribe, unless you have not been in Zambia the past 7 presedential elections! That pattern of voting practised by Tongas is what is called tribalism in the Queen’s language, it smells of emphatic selfishness in a tribe!

    • Mandanda you need to get a life. I am not Tonga but majority of my friends are Tonga. They will not idol worship anyone. Chiluba git the largest votes when he became president, from Southern Province. But his rule brought misery through botched privatization deals, and HH had nothing to do with that mess.
      As for Kalaba why does he want HH to credit Lungu with anything? Lungu and HH had very different priorities should they win the August election. Lungu said at a rally his number 1 priority would be to be arrest HH. HH said his priority numberv1 would be tonrebuikd Zambia’s economy. Now you are telling us your priority will be giving credit to past presidents?
      Please give us a break!

  8. Achievements of some politicians: selling the mines, selling parastatal companies, leading a party for 15 years, tribal politics, being self proclaimed most intelligent economist, vengeance, selfshness!

    • HH should actually have thrown ECL behind bars to justify your expectations. Some of us are annoyed that he has done nothing about that.You are even jealous of his intelligence!
      That’s the difference with your lot, alinanzelu HH. Clearly, you share the same brain as ECL because you do not understand how those engaged to privatize entities on behalf of govt functioned. If HH had a case he would have been jailed under either MMD,or definately your PF govt. Francis Kaunda (mhsrip) was convicted for corruption arising from privatization of the mines. Those that were found wanting were taken to court and convicted.

  9. Bwana Kalaba, accept now that Zambians are breathing fresh air from the tomentors NPF – Notorious Patroric Front lead by your ECL whom you ran away out of your mind and mouth said because of Corruption. When ECL lead us when did you speak out highly praising ba Lungu?
    You all know that presidential cases are still pending and Lungu and his cabinet can be prosecuted if live and truths about 2016 results will be heard in court. I will say he stole elections to some extent and that is why HH never called him president but a …

  10. Mukuka you paid Edith nawakwi sausage condom and the rapist chilufya tayali over the privatisation but they failed to come up with solid evidence meaning your talk it does not hold the water.manganga tell me how many cabinet ministers from western block were appointed by PF? how many permanent secretaries,high commissioners and Ambassadors were appointed from western block by PF?Then compare with what is going on today or do the opposite of those questions.This time no short cuts of doing things and the next president should behave like HH no short cuts.Harry kalaba get ready please and improve your checks and balances very is noway how you can ask HH to give respect Edgar Lunga who arrested HH for no reason.Edgar Lungu has got a case to answer for refusing to handover power to the speaker that is treason. Another point you said that he handed over power to HH with honour no that is not true ,why rupiah Banda,jakai kakwete and former president of Serra were involved? That what the law says when you lose election you handover very is no debate.when rupiah Banda lost the election the following morning called the journalist and considered the defeat but Edgar Lunga took 3weeks just to accept the defeat .

  11. Lungu, lungu, lungu, luungu, luungu and luuuuuungu!! All the time, it is this and that. Mwebantu allow poor lungu to rest, give him a break.


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