Sean Tembo
Sean Tembo



1. As Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) we wish to put it on record that we hold President Hakainde Hichilema squarely responsible for yesterday’s break-in at Former President Lungu’s house in Ibex Hill, Lusaka.

2. It is also our position that President Hichilema’s failure to provide state security to his predecessor is premised on the deep-rooted hatred, malice and contempt which he habors towards Former President Lungu.

3. It must be noted that even retired Army Commanders are provided with armed soldiers to guard their residences for their entire lives, so why can’t a retired Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces be entitled to the same?

4. As Patriots for Economic Progress, we wish to put it on record that any harm or loss of property that is occasioned on Former President Lungu and his family, because of lack of state security, will be placed squarely on the shoulders of President Hakainde Hichilema.

5. Under the premises, we call upon President Hakainde Hichilema to immediately apologize to his predecessor and his family for his Government’s negligence in failing to provide adequate state security to Former President Lungu. Government should also immediately indemnify and compensate Former President Lungu for the stolen property which includes two television sets.

6. We further wish to advise President Hakainde Hichilema to use the power which the Zambian people bestowed on him on 12th August 2021, to improve the lives of the Zambian people, and not to persecute, humiliate, endanger or belittle his predecessor. Hakainde’s real battle should be against poverty and not against Mr. Lungu.




  1. Mr Sean Tembo why do you also hate HH – kanshi? What has he done to you to warrant all those attacks from you? When HH residence was ransacked some years back you never said anything. Or is it the saying chiwamila garu kuluma mbuzi but when mbuzi bites the dog it is news!! When you say that President Hichilema’s failure to provide state security to his predecessor is premised on hatred, malice and contempt which he harbors towards Former President Lungu, Sean Tembo are you sure for that? Between the two ECL and HH who hates the other the most? I am sure you know the answer yourself of how HH was being treated by ECL in this country. If HH was to avenge for all the atrocities ECL did to him, I am sure you Sean Tembo would have gone to the moon to hang yourself there. HH is a man of principles and down to the earth he has done none of the things you and ECL is thinking. As for the theft at ECL house who knew that he was out of the country? It is the PF who knew therefore, they know the scheme they played. Please Sean Tembo I thought you are very intelligent and I was going to be on your side to support your Presidence but of late your uttering are discouraging me a lot even Muliokela if better than you.

  2. Mr. Tembo, your article is similar to what Dr. C. Banda wrote yesterday and a response is already given. In case you missed it and for the sake of others who may have missed it also, I am re-posting and here it is;
    At times I don’t understand at how some people think, imagine unknown people (thieves) break into the former President’s home, they steal two TV screens then someone wants to make an issue out of that? And yet the Doctor was alive and present when legions of soldiers and police officers were unleashed to go and invade HH’s house, they stole and damaged a lot of property there besides the lots of food they also stole and ate. It is unfortunate that such a thing happened at the former President’s home but that was just one of the few isolated incidences, because we have never experienced such a thing before. Moreover, we don’t need to exaggerate things, we should always try to maintain our objectivity when we comment on issues of national interest, what two TV screens compared to property worth millions of kwacha which HH suffered in theft and damages? My dear Doctor should also know that, it is not only the security of the former president which matters, but it is for every citizen, including him and me. If he is asking HH to tell him where he was when thieves were stealing from ECL’s home, let him also ask ECL, where was he when HH’s house was being attacked, teargassed and ransacked? it is him who was the President that time. Please see the pickle in your own eye first before you look into someone’s eye. These security men we have around are human and it is possible that they can dose off on duty, have you not read when king Saul was fighting David, one day, where he spent a night was just few metres from where David and his men were. In the night, David and his men sneaked into king Saul’s camp and found him and his men dead asleep, they even got the king’s spear and the cruse of water. Remember David in his Psalms said; thy word O Lord has made me wiser than my enemies, so the wise David blamed Abner, the army commander because he was the one in charge of the king’s security. So ba Doctor, the theft which took place at ECL’s house has nothing to do with HH, on this one, you have completely missed your point. The blame should go to the security officers who are deployed there. David told Abner that; “as the Lord liveth, you deserve to die because you have not kept your Master, the Lord’s anointed.” So let the security men explain and not HH because it’s them who had failed to keep the security of their master. Those who have good memory still remember that, during the time of President Sata, thieves broke into Dr. Nevers Mumba’s home and stole a lap top which had essential and confidential information but we never heard Dr. Mumba blaming President Sata, I believe he understood that the problem was probably with his security men and not President Sata.
    Dr. Banda, you stop blaming and accusing an innocent person, God will punish you for that, the President does not guard people because he also needs to be guarded and has guards who guard him. If his guards sleep on duty, thieves can equally break into his home and steal just the way they did at ECL’s house and it is them to be blamed. My last words are that, you are just misusing your opportunity and instead of always attacking your brothers, you can tap a lot of wisdom from people like HH himself, Nevers Mumba, Ng’andu Magande and many others. Remember, the wise men came from the East, I am sure you can be one of them.

  3. Praise singers can be something else. HH is Commander of the Armed Forces. ECL is entitled to state security as former commander of the armed forces, which falls under the Commander of the Armed Forces. So if there are lapses in security detailing who should be blamed? Both Sean Tembo and Dr Banda are talking about ‘lack of state security?” There was no or poor State Security.

  4. Please don’t arrest this man!
    He thinks his political mileage will increase by getting arrested for mischievous meddling!
    Don’t waste resources on known cases.

  5. ST is simply making sure he maintains the retainer he earns from pf. But isn’t it shocking, that the once ‘mighty’ PF has been reduced to being the ‘pornographic front ‘ , who at their might made crime an integral part of their DNA and now cannot even fake a crime!! This is a break-in that never took place; all staged managed and poorly. One simply has to ask where EL’s own security was..and by the way why didn’t the standby generator not immediately start when the ZESCO supply went off. Let’s not forget the numerous cctv cameras that surely must dot the entire yard like flowers in a botanical garden. Lots more questions than what these muppet show actors can intelligently answer in their confused eagerness to even invoke HH’s name in their games.

  6. He is truly a zero in the head. Who knew that ba lungu is in south Africa fir them to break in, only Nakachinda and pf knew. So kawalala wa normal can go and steal? That can’t happen cz there are paramilitary officers guarding in the night. This is food for the opposition. Bally is scoring so they had to come up with a plan to have something to say about bally and paint him black. If they can burn city market and conclude it’s upnd what can stop them from stealing ba lungu’s tv and blame it on bally . Well known script. One day they will steal ba lungu and say bally did not provide security.

  7. Sean Tembo… usual nothing sensible can come from you. Please note that HH is too busy cleaning the mess Lungu left. It was not government’s decision to accommodate that plunderer there. Your yapping will not derail HH wachepa Sana.

  8. Give a car to a man who was born poor and he will go about misusing the car. Sean ‘bullet point’ Tembo started politics when there was no freedom of speech, He tried to speak under PF rule and his haemoglobin was shed by PF cadres. From then onwards he kept quiet. Now, he has found freedom and he is abusing it to the full.

  9. With all the confusion of being still active in politics now we are at a loss as citizens to logically think through this mess.

    If inactive it is absolutely correct to assert that the former President is entitled to be given a level of protection. Like all others before him.

    You guys on the other hand are all over the news confusing this status by informing us he is still standing and to be treated as an active politician. He him self has made assessions publicly to this effect suggesting he wants to be active. Even the leadership in PF are openly discussing and encouraging this. What are we to make of this concussion. Wanting benefits when it suits you but defying the obligations that qualify him to receive the sake benefits. To be honest this is not making sense to us ordinary citizens. We are left to think our leaders have the priorities mixed up and creating small battles to quench their insatiable appetite for power and recogntion, which I must add we are tired of.

    With this uncertain position of status of the previous president where should the current administration and citizens place him. Is he an active Political player in today’s politics wanting to participate in the politics as it stands. If yes then maybe he does not need the benefits accrued to him as a states man. I think you need to make up your minds and be specific. Right now some of us citizens are actually confused at what exactly you want.

    If he is out of politics, then yes a similar level of security as given to others is necessary and should be expeditiously provided. If he still wants to be active in politics then that also fine except , then he will not be entitled to benefits including that of Security. Stop being ambiguous and make clear a position on his status and not confusing us and keep us guess.

    We appreciate he led us as our President , nothing can erase that. Secondly, regardless of what some people say it not everything bad which is associated with him. Being fair, he succeed in some areas and did not fair well in others. Whether it is a direct result of his actions or decisions or influenced by some of his previous leaders or directors who did not serve him properly. Being a leader he takes the blame. So to be honest we respect and appreciate his service while also not embracing his bad elements. That is what people do the usually remember the bad and not the good done. But gain this is part of the pill leaders must swallow. It’s a necessary medicine and comes with the territory.
    Having said that we don’t hate him. Zambians don’t generally think like that all. We honor our leaders even if they stumble and fall. We simply vote them out but embrace them and take care of them. This won’t change any time soon.

    Therefore the PF current team need to be clear about this ambiguity being created. Don’t put our former head of state in harms way for political appeasement. He has run his race. Let him take up a high role of Statesman and work towards helping Africa. Presidency is not the only role available for this great leader for Africa. We must remember, no blood was shade for power exchange. This is a great attribute not to be taken lightly and he must be respected and honored for this peaceful transition inspite of speculations that fact is the transition took place.

    Other countries are less fortunate and can not speak of the peace we now enjoy. Let’s remember that. Let not our anger blind us from the obvious truth we can all see.

    If our quest to revenge and punish all opponents overpowers us as a nation then this current administration will have missed a great opportunity to unit this country. The Bible simply advises not to be overcome by evil and not repay evil for evil. Instead repay evil with good. This is the high moral ground we expect to exist.

    This is not to say we are unaware of the maneuvers by some previous leaders not all, but some who have criminal cases running against them and who feel their survival is only guaranteed by their perceived once saviour.

    We as citizens are tired of this continued circus and want relevant issues affecting our personal life’s to be addressed. Enough of your greed for self, it’s now our turn to receive answers to real issues we are fighting with in our homes to resolve.

    You guys are talking about TVs which are wasting assets while we are concerned about life’s of people surviving on one meal a day. Where is the seriousness in our leaders.

  10. Another Dull man. If ECL was responsible for breaking RB’s home twice so then we know that he is even responsible to break in his own house so that he can dent the image of an inocent unique leader.
    PF and ECL dont think we have forgotten how you went at HH’s home cut off power, gasses the harmless family and took away his food. Soon infact we want a report from the police to atleast inform the nation what you wanted to deal with HH.
    Its you Sean Tembo who was the ring leader and today you still remind Zambians on how PF used to treat us.
    We dont want that to happen. Better you go on to your masters who have akasaka ka ndalama.

  11. In Zambia we urgently need a paradigm shift. We need to change our focus from politicking to issues of substance that will add value to our life and national development. We need to stop paying attention to the people who speak with a view to just attract attention to themselves. They have nothing to offer to add value to our country.

  12. When this guy zero was beaten by PF cadres then I sympathized with him even wishing for him to get justice by having his attackers jailed. I now understand why they beat him.

  13. So for the next 10 years you will continue to harbour hatred for HH? You lost the presidency, just accept it and live a normal life. Your negativity will take you nowhere sir. Zambia is moving forward.


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