Wynter Munacaambwa Kabimba

HH IS TAKING ZAMBIANS FOR GRANTED … these 10 months have exposed his incompetence to govern

Economic Front (EF) leader Wynter Kabimba has charged that President Hakainde Hichilema’s incompetence to lead the country has been exposed in the last 10 months of him being in power.

Speaking with Daily Revelation on the fuel pump price which has increased by K12.42 for diesel and K8.63 for petroleum among others in just the 10 months President Hichilema has been in office, Kabimba described the President as a deceitful man who was determined to govern the country on the trademark of lies.

“So like we have said before, this is a man who is going to maintain himself in power purely on a trademark of lies. Purely on the trade mark of taking Zambians for granted. Purely on the trademark of thinking that he’s smarter than everybody else, and that what he says https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/hh-is-taking-zambians-for-granted-these-10-months-have-exposed-his-incompetence-to-govern/


  1. Does bally produce fuel? Ba kabimba you are not a straight forward man . There is something wrong with you that’s why the late Mr Sata fired you.

  2. Mr. Kabimba stop wasting your time, if you have nothing to do, just keep quiet otherwise you are just a useless noise maker. You are irritating to some of us and we know that your one man party has nothing to offer to this country, that’s why you even changed the name from Rain Bow to Economic Front, you are not an inspiration to anyone, the earlier you know that the better.


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