HH must move in at Nkwazi House at State House – Nakacinda.

Controversial PF spokesman and motormouth Raphael Nakachinda has demanded that President Hakainde Hichilema immediately move in into State House to cut down on cost.

The blabberer was speaking to unidentified people in a video that has been widely circulated on social media.

While in government Nakacinda led PF in claiming that the then opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema, would never enter State House and that the PF would rule for another 100 years.

Political pundits say that the demand by Nakacinda is usual and absurd, especially that the same individual and PF had vowed that HH would never enter State House, but now want him to immediately relocate to a location they had said he wouldn’t live.

Previous Presidents like Rupiah Banda and Micheal Sata waited for months on end before they moved into State House residence.


  1. Why are you insisting for our president move there, is there something you know that most of us Zambians don’t know. Whether he moves there or not is non of your business, just continue with your daily noise of ranting against the new dawn government.Our believed president might not not even move there soon, or sooner if not soonest.

  2. Raphael knows exactely what he planted at state house it seems he cant wait to see the results.bally should never relocate to that sh$$? Hole called state house.

  3. Your plans to eliminate HH at statehouse are frustrating you. You move into statehouse and get poisoned there.this is not checks and balances it is pure foolish childish jealous behaviour.

  4. Is hh a god ? The constitution of zambia demands that every president must operate from government institution not at his personal house . Take a keen interest at USA who have more forty presidents operating from white house. Zambians wake up. Don`t apply archaic rules let the constitution operate. Be cilvilised and let the constitution rule.

    • Yes you might ne right about the law, but the life of our president is more important than that law. What the hell do we know was planted in that state house. The insisting of these pf guys for him to move there looks beguil but its suble, insidius and pernicious trap. These guys knows something we don’t know. HH is not moving there, I believe he is quite comfortable operating his where he is.

    • If H.H was your father wouldn’t have been talking this way. i guess you would always want your father to be in a safe place. We are not opposed to his relocation but merely concerned with the quick u turn by the same people who never wanted him to enter state house.

  5. It is a matter of common sense. What did those people who were saying HH will not set a foot in State House plant there to now start saying he should be spending nights there. If I were HH I would not move to that place defile by cadres and Sangomas from neighboring country.

  6. They were not saying ECL’s huge delegations abroad were a waste of money. They did not say PF drink up parties at state house were a waste of money. They did not complain when some PF cadres in Government receive K50,000 per week is waste of money. But now how can they say HH trips to work at state house are waste of money. It is better to go back to the 1911 boundaries of this country so that Former North Western Rhodesia is liberated from this hate language.

  7. who is this chap to force a state man to do as he thinks? Doesn’t he know that H.H is now a national being who can not easily be pushed by one disgruntled individual? He is the president and he can’t be ordered by a simple frustrated Kakachinda NOOOOOOOOOOOOO……… why are the courts delaying to take him where he belongs kansh?


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