HH to witness the graduation of adopted daughter in Eastern Province


President Hakainde Hichilema is on Friday this week expected to grace a graduation ceremony at Chipata Teachers’ College in Eastern Province where he will witness his adopted daughter graduate with a diploma in teaching.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Paul Thole, disclosed to the media today that the President has a daughter who he adopted when she was in primary school and has been supporting since then.

Mr Thole said President Hichilema has been supporting a number of children, especially the physically challenged, in various parts of the country.

He said such kind gestures show how caring the President is, adding that people are confident in his governance.

Mr Thole said the biological parents of President Hichilema’s adopted child are also expected to attend the graduation ceremony on Friday November 25, 2022.


  1. This is a good leader. It is not only when you are in power of some kind and say you are helping people no, that is a service to people who employed you. Can other leaders emulate HH legacy and you will never hear him that he has adopted children. One day I was surprised to hear that he has over 1000 people who he helps across the country. If all thieves in PF were like this, yes, the Nation would have gone very far.

  2. May they all mighty Lord bless you ubandantly for your generosity, benevolence, kindness and above all your love to fellow mankind. More pleasing is that you adopted this daughter when in opposition and you never mentioned it publicly for political gain.

    My prayer that God protects you all the way and give you space to complete your two terms of office.


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