Harry Kalaba
Harry Kalaba

HH WAS DEMONISING ZAMBIA BEFORE EU – KALABA … the problem with Hichilema is he thinks good starts and ends with him

Democratic Party (DP) leader Harry Kalaba says the problem with President Hakainde Hichilema is that he thinks every thing good starts and ends with him, and that he has a tendency of wanting to make himself look good at the expense of others.

Addressing the European Union Parliament in Brussels, Belgium on Thursday, President Hichilema observed that the UPND administration inherited a Zambia where freedom of expression, freedom of association and civic participation were curtailed.

“The Zambia we inherited stood on a brink of economic collapse – where corruption, excess and greed of public officials reigned supreme. Shortsighted policies, designed to extract maximum benefit for the few at the expense of the many, were the order of the day. In the Zambia we inherited, freedom of expression, freedom of association and civic participation was curtailed. Our democratic institutions, designed to ensure checks and balances, were compromised, and reduced to mere instruments of dominance for those who held power,” President Hichilema explained. “It is against this background that I stand to firmly attest that the rule of law and respect for human rights are progressively being restored in Zambia.”

But Kalaba speaking with Daily Revelation, said he was getting fatigued with the habit by the President of referring the country to the past.

“The problems with our President is that… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/hh-was-demonising-zambia-before-eu-kalaba-the-problem-with-hichilema-is-he-thinks-good-starts-and-ends-with/


  1. Mr. Kalaba, one can constructively model the future by looking at the past. Focused leaders do this because that’s how you build strategy.

  2. If you want to be successful in everything you need to learn from the failures of others and if HH wants to suucced in development of this nation he needs to always learn and refer to the failures of PF.

  3. Iwee, kakalaba, every where whatever, happened in the past, needs to be told. The Jews every year hold commemorating the holocaust, how they were killed in gas chambers, it will not stop, it will have to be reminded every time. Kalaba, wina fatigue, these are facts, which Lungu did atrocities. Zambians needs to reminded well done Bally, shame Kalaba and Idiotic Mwamba, Sean Tembo, Chilufya Tayali, Boroman lusambo

  4. The demon was only in your head. The PF experience and the terror will forever remain entrenched in our minds. We cannot run away from it. Truth hurts, and will continue to hurt as we struggle to get out of the mess left by a greedy and corrupt past govt.

  5. Ba kalaba that is fact weh. And when people insult him you keep quiet, they want to make him look bad and you enjoy that. Don’t be petty minded. You opposition have nothing to talk about because bally has raised the bar and you are failing to catch your feet. Mukose.

  6. It’s really sad that this guy only talks about HH. He has a party with HH their manifesto. I used to have alot of hope with him. I now group him with Sean, Mwamba, kambwili and muliokela.

  7. Did he lie? Evidence is there. People died out of gassing…is this not a fact? You yourself indicated that you are now free to move anywhere you want. Lets not forget about where we are coming lest we will never know where to go

  8. Kalaba your style of politics is absolutely outdated. In this current generation were social media is everywhere, and people have direct information that are able to have access to first hand information, you will be regarded as a fool who always wants to confuse the people. Eventually you’ll be regarded as a useless politician. Even you own children will disregard due to your poor political approach.
    Be smart when making comments on important national issues.

  9. Hichilema should just wait for his turn to be accused as well. Which politician in Zambian does not have skeletons in their wardrobe. If Hichilema is very clean why does he keep his fortunes in off shore accounts! So time will come for him to explain himself as well! He should not be too excited! Time will tell! Which president goes outside and speak ill of his country? White people being what they are, fun and strange people, they are just laughing behind closed! Never trust a white man because he’s only a friendly bed-felllow only when hes benefiting something! After that he turns his back!

  10. Manganga, you are useless, nganiwe PF, forget, this party dead and buried, even if Jesus came, you will never bounce back. Anthony Mumba, if there was a way, he was going to jump off the sinking boat, leloline. Mukose mwisho! Double H7, is not going any where soon.

  11. Kalaba was once a promising politician until the time he attacked Dr Guy On live TV. That was the time he started going downhill! It was not long before he was forced to resign under ECL. Kalaba has now embraced Negative Energy and has become an energy drainer, a time waster!
    Ba Kalaba, HH is not perfect! If you want to look for faults in him, you will find them. Maybe mwebanensu mwaliba holy and sinless.
    There has to be a time when we are seen to be patriotic and unite and rally behind our president for the good of the nation!
    The EU address would be incomplete without mentioning where we are coming from. The EU address was an important engagement of the block we owe so much in Eurobond debt to restore CREDIBILITY and TRUST!
    Our Eurobonds have long matured and we have defaulted, thanks to PF’s reckless and senseless borrowing.
    Ba Kalaba, let’s look at the bigger picture and put country first! If Zambia was at war with another country, we must show patriotism and rally behind our president! There can only be one leader at any given time!
    Ba Kalaba, you sound like the type who would be ready to work with the enemy when Zambia is at war!
    Zambia is at War over this debt issue – at war with PF for putting the country in this mess and the private creditors who were carelessly lending PF money despite signs of lack of credibility! This is what IMF has told the private lenders. They were careless with their lending and that they must be ready to take a haircut!
    As a nation, we must never allow this HIPC 2.0 to ever repeat itself!
    Let’s be patriotic ba Kalaba!
    Take a leaf from Pastor Mumba and give credit where it’s due!
    Do you think EU parliamentarians would give a standing ovation to simple minded people?
    That was a demonstration of POSITIVE ENERGY on the part of president HH!
    Bola panshi!

  12. Kalaba is becoming one of the useless politicians we have by day…imagine these the the people inspiring to rule this great nation…shame Kalaba…

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