Wynter Munacaambwa Kabimba

By Patson Chilemba

Economic Fighters (EF) leader Wynter Kabimba has charged that President Hakainde Hichilema’s recent trip to South Africa for the Mining Indaba was aimed at concluding the pre-election deals between the UPND and multinational corporations.

Outlining the sequence of events where the President first talked up the strategic importance of cobalt in the 21st century technology, followed by an MoU which was signed with Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Felix Tshisekedi which was followed by the presidential trip to South Africa for the Mining Indaba and then immediately following that an announcement that Anglo-American will invest $3.5 million in the copper-cobalt exploration licence, Kabimba said everything was now becoming clear for all to see.

“It was to go and conclude the pre-election deals. That is what it was. Otherwise what would HH be doing in South Africa for four days? Even (Cyril) Ramaphosa the host President did not spend four days at the Indaba. Even the Botswana President did not spend four days at the Indaba. What business would a head of state be doing at such an Indaba? I have attended that Indaba myself before,” Kabimba said. “What would he be doing at the Indaba for four days, in the absence of the host President? So it all ties up very very well.”

Kabimba said he had said it before that everything people were seeing now under the UPND government is based on pre-election deals which were entered into between the UPND and the respective mining companies.

“There is no doubt now from the circumstantial evidence that is emerging that these mining companies bankrolled the UPND election last year. That is what is emerging as being very clear. So the UPND government promised to deliver our natural resources in the mining industry to these multinational corporations in exchange for their financial support in the elections,” Kabimba said. “And now they are demanding that UPND must deliver on their promise and that is what is happening. So there is nothing that should be looked at as being an accident. There is nothing that should be perceived as if these are things that are being discussed now.”

Kabimba said Anglo-American, the company which left Zambia some 20 years ago at the time of most need, has been fighting to come back since they left two decades ago.

“But what th… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/we-are-going-to-live-from-one-lie-to-another-under-upnd-charges-kabimba


  1. I have seen that it’s Wynter writing for Bowman. But so what if he spent 4 days there or went to conclude deals meant for the good of this country?
    He is our president and we are happy to be led by him, and we trust his vision on how he intends to repair Zambia’s broken economy.
    Chikubabe, wanyala.

  2. I honestly do not feel comfortable with Hakainde’s intentions. I have serious doubts he is the right person to lead Zambia. He has 4 years left, let him surprise us and hopefully deliver. Otherwise Zambians will vote for someone else.

      • Ndine, I was hoping Hakainde was the alternative. I had so much hope.

        But now it is clear that I was wrong. It looks like we have been duped again.

        I sincerely hope I am wrong about HH, and that he does deliver. Pantu right now, awe sure. Just look at how his praise singers like PF cadres. So disgusting.

        • Usually the Passenger and NOT the Driver ALWAYS complains/praises either the speed or the comfort of the Vehicle. Instead of complaining/praising, why not yourself getting in the Driver’s Seat uchinje ma Gear yourself? The beauty about Zambian Politics is that one does not need to acquire a Political Licence to own and drive a Political Vehicle (Party) but one is guaranteed of a ready Queue of gullible blind Passengers(Followers). Examples abound, ni ulule????

          • Bo Sitali, African politics is very murky.

            Anyway Hakainde has 4 years left to at least show we are moving in the right direction.

            I just wonder why his praise singers insult everyone that disagrees with HH. And no praise singer is ever arrested for insulting others. That is so wrong.


  4. We have not choice, apart from multinational investor who else, the local like wynter himself stole from the government even to own a ka house and car. We have extremely very few persons with money made outside the realms of stealing taxes payers money in government. All the people that claim to have money please tell as what you did before becoming a political thief.
    LUNGU kachadu tester and criminal lawyer
    BOWMAN MMD stone thrower.
    CHILUFYA medicine thief at UTH.
    CHITOTELA trained thief ZP
    KANKYONGO director Street banking
    MWILA no CV no education
    KAIZER office orderly, stealing papers for marketeers.
    AMOS on allawance from fred
    PF brought the most of street adult vendors into thieving honourables.
    HH please bring the capital investor to listen to thieves and plunderers. They want even to steal our faeces too.

  5. People are scared of development imagine lol. That’s why zambia is like this. Here is a president who knows what he is doing and very sure of delivering and people are worried that he will deliver so they would rather he fails do that they can enjoy making noise. Right now there is no one to match up to him. We don’t want street adults to come rule us again. Don’t be scared for change. Too suspicious ma Zambians coupled with poverty mindset.

  6. Mr Red lips, leave HH alone. He has every right and mandate to run this country up to 2026. Kabimba you have hated HH from time immemorial and the fact that he won a landslide election despite your vicious campaign against him should tell you that no one believes or follows you.
    You don’t even have a Councillor so that should tell you that you’re essentially on your own and speaking for no one even if you don’t believe so.
    In those hey days, you Mr Kambeba and Guy Scott were viciously against HH even in the shortlived Alliance with PF. Take your jealous, envy and greed to Edgar Lungu whom you had an Alliance in the last election. You are useless shameless evil man.

  7. Right on Mr. Kabimba, those who are castigating you don’t are young, they don’t even know why Anglo-America left Zambia at the time of being needed most! An African president who brings back colonialists is not a president with interests for his people. There’s a very big g reason why those westerners were chased from Africa, but Hichilema and his Upnd don’t see that. Well they will soon reap what they are doing!

  8. You are saying Anglo left at the time you needed them most and now these colonialists called Anglo are coming back

    So you really needed the colonialists when they were here and you are bitter with them for leaving and you don’t want them to come back because they may leave you abruptly again??

    So they are only colonialists because they ditched you. So should you not be happy that they left ??

    Zambians don’t know what the want that’s why you are poor. Can’t think straight

  9. Anglo left KCM, after making significant investments, due to a change in corporate strategy by the new owners. Mwanawasa had to shop around for investors to fill the vacuum, finally begging Vedanta to get the mine for free. Vedanta had negotiation leverage over the MMD government, hence the monkeying around we’ve witnessed by the Indian colonial masters.

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