Wynter Munacaambwa Kabimba

HH WILL TRY TO ATTRIBUTE INEPTITUDE TO MANAGE ECONOMY ON UKRAINE CONFLICT … Let him renegotiate IMF deal to cushion suffering – Kabimba

HH will try to attribute his ineptitude and failure to manage the economy to the conflict in Ukraine, says Economic Fighters (EF) leader Wynter Kabimba.

And Kabimba has urged the UPND administration to re-engage the IMF to shelve the agreement for now, as nobody anticipated the problems occasioned by the Ukraine crisis, saying the aim should be to reinstate subsidies to cushion the sufferings brought about by the war.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Kabimba said no one doubted the fact every country has been affected by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but that he suspected that the same would be used as an excuse to run away from accountability on the several promises made to the Zambian people by President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND.

“No doubt about that, because there was a statement when the government revised the pump price of fuel, the recent revision they attributed it was to the Russia-Ukraine conflict which purely was a scapegoat because we were then just about five days into the conflict. So there is no way that a five day conflict would have adversely affected the pump price of fuel,” Kabimba said. “One would have thought that fuel which is in the country was procured way before this conflict broke out. So I can see people hiding under the guise of the conflict to cover up their ineptitude to govern a country or to further increase the pump price of fuel. This is one of the things the UPND will try to use to run away from accountability on their promises to the people.”

Kabimba accused President Hichilema of failing to explain… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/hh-will-try-to-attribute-ineptitude-to-manage-economy-to-ukraine-conflict-let-him-renegotiate-imf-deal-to-cushion-suffering-kabimba/


  1. Does it mean in Zambia you don`t watch news on Tv ba Kabimba?They have been analyzing the impact this war is going to cause to the fiscal and global economy throught the world.Shame on you Kabimba.Guess you don`t even know that Russia is one of the major producers of oil in the world…that they have the best refineries in the world…Kabimba even simple economics…I `ve been question the kind of education we have in Zambia for a long time…

  2. Let’s just ignore this wannabe socialist who thinks he is a know it all.
    Sit down and be ruled by the one you he said would never win an election…..Chimbwii


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