1. Tayali njala yakunyokola enrol your self into the teaching colleges maybe you will be employed since teachers are on demand better still go for nursing then uk can be your dream country just go and ask for food kuli HH azakupasa

  2. Tayali you are officially allowed to go for round 2 with chagwa. Pick any date you want. President HH aloko bize at this time, so just go ahead please. Who ever loses pali imwe babili (tayali na chagwa), will be included on the first batch of imbushi which were promised to go to Dubai but like everything else imwe ba pfools stole imbushi’s trip. This time around no stealing not even from imbushi!

  3. Tayali, I know that you are studio and dull, but now you have shown us that you are actually far more stupid and dull then I thought.
    It must be difficult for you to comprehend how stupid you are.

  4. These are the same liars, leeches, ticks who survive on sucking off someone s hard earned income. TAYALI, go and find something noble to do mwaiche!!

  5. A chap who can’t impregnant a woman cannot be president. No wonder Zambia was barren for as long as he was President. Now he could have followed his concubine to Eswatini to do what?
    Chikolwa fye ma gemasson. Ati round two where? In Zambia? No monkey will rule us. Who will allow him to come and comb the maize field? We have barricated our field and very tightly for that matter.

  6. You have been advised before. Time is our greatest enemy because it is always moving and if we do not utilise it diligently we lose opportunities and money. For the sake of your children, please try something of value addition. Just noted am wasting my time here..!

  7. How can their be a second round if you are wired pants down, even an erection cold not have blocked the pant from going down in the last beating (figure of speech). SO NO SECOND ROUND MY DEAR.

  8. Us we are enjoying Bally’s rule and we are the voters. So dream on and help them eat stolen money if that’s what they pay you. The only reason you have failed to be a praise singer for HH is because he does not believe in corruption that kept you going in PF

  9. When 12/08 took place last year Tyayali tried in vain to be embraced by the new government, it is when he saw no hope in hell that he turned 360 degrees to start shooting in the wrong direction like a blind striker kwati kapuba.

  10. When they say that people tht run away from priesthood go bananas, chilufya Tayali is a clasic example. No relevance to Zambian Politics, nothing to point at, as an achievement in his career.
    He found a niche as a surrogate of the PF so tht he could be adopted under PF to contest as a Councillor. But PF even in their madness could not adopt Chilufya as they understood his mental faculties were at par with Muliokela. With the only difference being that Tayali bought some suits from money he received from PF.
    So to continue being a beneficiary of stolen money; so tht he can feed his family like a parasite, he continues to bark irrelevantly.

  11. IT IS FINALLY OFFICIAL ! THIS YAPPING BRAIN CHALLENGED STREET IDIOT IS NOW THINKING WTH HIS STOMACH AND ANUS ! Ati zambian opposition leader my foot ! Even a barking dog makes more sense than this kaponya mouth -for -hire idiot ! Yaaaaba ! Ladies and gentlemen hunger, poverty and ignorance are a dangerous combination !


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