HH’s treason co-accused who got K6.4m compensation were underpaid – AG Kabesha


ATTORNEY General Mulilo Kabesha says President Hakainde Hichilema’s treason co-accused, who entered into a consent judgment with the state to be compensated K6.4 million each for unlawful prosecution were actually underpaid.

And Kabesha has advised police to respect the rights of suspects, saying they shouldn’t go beyond what they are expected to do. Recently, the five UPND supporters entered into a consent judgment with the State for them to be paid K6,400,000 each as full and final settlement in a matter in which they were seeking damages for unlawful prosecution.

Some critics raised concerns, saying the money was too much. But in an interview, Kabesha said the UPND supporters were actually underpaid looking at the brutality they went through. “They…… news diggers


      • Bob Mpombo, you have a foul mouth.

        It is not lawful to compensate someone who was given a Nolle. These monies will be returned to to tax payers after 2026, and the recipients thrown back in jail where they belong for their childish and reckless antics on the road.


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