Hichilema Has Lost Mandate, Charges Bowman Lusambo



Bowman Lusambo says President Hakainde Hichilema is a failure who has lost the mandate of governing this country and must therefore call for fresh elections.

“If you promised people that mealie meal will be K50 and now it’s over K170, you promised people that fuel will be K13 per liter and now it’s K29 and if you promised people that fertilizer will be K250 and today it is K1200 or that the Kwacha will appreciate at 14 hours to K10 after you are sworn in at 10 hours but today it is running to K21 against the US Dollar, it means people voted you based on those promises,” Lusambo said. “If you promised that you will reduce the cost of living, but if you have failed to do that it means you have lost the mandate upon which people elected you and must therefore call for fresh elections so that you can explain to people that we promised this and that but we have been unable to deliver so that people can now have their say and may be elect you based on the new promises.”

Lusambo said President Hichilema’s continued stay in power was entirely upto the people of Zambia.

But asked on the fact that Hichilema was elected to a five-year tenure, Lusambo said he was not talking about the tenure but the mandate which he said the President has lost for failing to fulfil campaign promises amid the worsening cost of living in the country.

He said there was a provision in the constitution for early elections.- Daily Revelation


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