HH AUTHORISED ALL DIPLOMATS RECALLS…contrary to claims, says PS Simwinga

All the diplomatic recalls were authorised by the President, says immediate past permanent secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dr Ronald Simwinga.

Reacting to President Hakainde Hichilema’s assertion earlier today that among the diplomatic recalls he made, another official who was fired two days ago had another list to add to those recalled and replaced them with other people, Dr Simwinga dismissed the President’s assertion.

“All diplomats recalled were authorised. So we don’t recall diplomats without authority from the President. All diplomats recalled since August 2021 were authorised,” Dr Simwinga responded to Daily Revelation when asked on the statement from the President.

He said he did not listen to the President’s appearance on Radio Phoenix earlier today where the assertions were made. Asked if it was true he had gotten into an argument with Foreign Affairs minister Stanley Kakubo over a diplomats recall, Dr Simwinga avoided addressing the matter directly, only insisting that he did not know where the assertion was coming from, but that there were records to show that all the diplomatic recalls were authorised by the President… finish reading here



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