Hichilema Must Explain Link Between Govt And USA In Training Homosexuals On ‘their Rights’ – Nawakwi



I want answers from Hakainde Hichilema on who authorized ministries and government departments under his auspices to conduct a recent workshop for homosexuals and other wayward people through the University of Maryland of the United States of America (USA), opposition FDD leader Edith Nawakwi has charged.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Nawakwi said she wants to know the arrangements which exist between the Zambian government and the USA in relation to support through the University of Maryland in relation to training of the LGBTQ (homosexuals, trans-genders and other people who refuse to accept their sexual orientation) on their purported rights.

“I have always known that the University of Maryland, working with Ministry of Health have supported the government in malaria, HIV/AIDS and research. President Hakainde Hichilema should brief this country on what arrangements this government has authorized support for the training of LGBTQ under the organization called TRANSBANTU through the University of Maryland. This TRANSBANTU is an organization in Zambia which is a member organization of LGBTQ,” Nawakwi said. “Just yesterday, a training session at Dolphin in Mongu was concluded for transgender training over their perceived rights. And the reason I want the President to answer is that the trainers did not come from obscure organisations. They are from police, National Prosecutions Authority, I suppose they (LGBTQ) want to know if they will be arrested. There was the Ministry of Social and department of chiefs’ affairs. Now this group to gain legitimacy invited people from the royal establishment, who seemed puzzled at what was going on.”

Nawakwi said she wanted to know under whose seal such vices were being allowed in the country as the President has been publicly insisting that he does not support homosexuality.

“Jack Mwiimbu on the floor of the house said the LGBTQ also have… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/hichilema-must-explain-relationship-between-govt-and-usa-in-training-homosexuals-on-their-rights-charges-nawakwi/


  1. Abantu bambi, they still don’t realise that HH7 has been president for over a year now, they are singing from a broken record? By the way ba pf have no money now they are scrounging around for sitting allowances in parliament so you will not get paid, I hope mwatesha!!!!!

    • Kikikikikikii. True at the thought they will not be paid sitting allowances they came scampering back. Has Edith paid the compensation awarded to HH for her slander. I recall the courts found her guilty and ordered her to pay him the $3m compensation he sought. Has this been set aside because he is president?

  2. Why not start by asking the relevant organs of government. Every thing you want it from HH. The man is busy. Just after he won elections you offered yourself that you were available to advise him. Now that he ignored you, you want attention from a different angle. Accept that your shelf life long expired. After all you said if HH wins, you will leave Zambia and set up your sausages in Botswana. Why are you still making noise in Zambia?

  3. This small eyed iguana lizard
    Does she know it is wrong to accuse others even more so foreign governments. This is another bitter she devil..go and get cleansed before you get completely insane. HH temunobe ni kateka wa chalo.

  4. On the contrary IF this is TRUE then we have a very SERIOUS problem at hand let the investigative wings look into this We are not going to have sexual perverts freely having such meetings in our land This is not the matter for the President but his leaders to sort out

  5. Plz dont drag the name of well respcted married man, with no rcords broken marriage, a man living with his wife as devine unit. And why are ever just talking about such dirty issues of homosexusl and lesb….. Maybe you a……………..

  6. The concern is very genuine unfortunately. A lot of American funded organisations are coming to Zambia with such programmes as supporting the so called key population and underserved individuals. And this i have no doubt the president is fully informed. Let him put the nation into perspective. Praise singers will welcome it after all.

  7. The sins are commited by individuals. In thes institution, includiding UNZ, some students do privately practse thing which are not allowed by our laws and some of them are on govt bursary. So when you hear of some sponsred students being involved in pornographic, homosexual and other illicit activities dont make foolish conclusion and take them as content of the curriculum from govt or the presidet .Our president has alwas stated and reaffirmed his stance as a christian who does not spport what nawakwi knows about homosexual and maybe which she practices. And the president has alwas urged the police to arrest any one nvolved in homosexual activities . And why didnt Nawakwi comment when one of the pf ministers of education’s video of his lone private sexual expressive act was exposed and went viral. was she interested? or was she an associate? plz Nawakwi dont associate sins of indivdual sins and belief to the presdent! otherwse you maybe taken as an idiot f highes degree


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