Hichilema must fire ZESCO BOARD AND MD – Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba


By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Hichilema must fire ZESCO BOARD AND MD

ZESCO has exhausted it’s water allocation for 2024 in June!

The board and ZESCO MD must be fired. They were too busy running generation turbines at full capacity to meet export contracts despite the limited quota of water allocated to them for 2024 especially in light of the drought, by the Zambezi River Authority.

Now they intend to subject Zambians to more loadshedding and emergency power cuts yet was their act of irresponsibility.

It is imperative that President Hakainde Hichilema dissolves the ZESCO Board and fires it’s Managing Director.

ZESCO is such a strategic power utility in Zambia and the region that it can’t be run in the manner we have seen.


  1. Mwamba is this loadshedding or extended emergency loadshedding because of a management lapse or a natural constraint beyond the scope of management?
    If it is because of natural phenomenon, and not management the please shut and sit down.
    We listen to the nonsense that you spew daily this one just shows that you lack the ability to reason.

  2. Why paying hefty salaries to incompetent, useless, despicable,brainless management whose sole purpose is hiring people based on nepotism for doing nothing. As long as there is no change if mindset , each in coming government will create more misery for the future generations to come. How do you sale land to Dubai, Arab emirates for green built? Really!! Zambians open your eyes and ears , they came as the heavenly gifted competent solvers or the solutions to our problems, actual they are the problems to our solutions. They claimed they were humble servants and saviours of the tenets of democracy and freedoms, they have turned to be they destroyer of the most sacred tenets of humanity and democracy. They are now Chimbwi no plan and their small god Bali formerly known the fixer is now running the hateful Zambezi government regime , it’s all about revenge, hatred, suppression, violence, torture, corruption intolerance, shameful application of law, hired retired police senior officers in key provinces who are Tonga , deputies are Lozis, so that they can inflict pain and misery upon their perceived enemies. These police officers, judges, invitees will have their own days to account for their crimes against humanity when the tables turn round. Use power with limitations,in the modesty and restraint way. Respect and integrity go hand in hand with compassion, courage , selflessness, honesty, kindness are all virtues of noble people who sacrifice their own to better others. The seven characteristics of effective and efficient leaders, one of them , how would want to remember you if you are not there?

  3. These PF guys are either in denial or luck of understanding or even deliberately doing so
    This is the issue of climate change and it’s effects.A person who has basic education can understand the effects of climate change to some certain extent.Now a person who has done Mass Communication especially at UNZA has a lot of understanding in various areas where a human being has interest.A human being or a person has powers or advanced thinking above all creations that are capable of moving.That is a gift from God.A good journalist must have a wide range of understanding starting with language, in Zambia, of course it is English the official language, law,music,sport, environment,etc.Now I find it strange for a person of such caliber to advocate for firing or dissolution of board of management because of climate change issue.Let us all admit that we over trusted hydro electric supply of power in Zambia and we couldn’t see beyond the horizon to have extra substitutes in an event of drought condition like the one we have today.Let us all learn now and work on it for the sake of better tomorrow.We must invest in massive infrastructure to support energy sector,by having proper and efficient solar power.Other sectors which can get affected by climate change must also be looked at.We may have too much rains now we have to find where to channel excess water to instead of opening flood gates at Kariba sending water to the Indian ocean.When you fire someone you don’t just inconvenience the individual but children and family.We heard of people stealing money at their work but were instructed to find it quickly and reimburse upon being discovered.Let us not be wishing each other bad.It is honestly an Zambian.


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