Whilst some of you who are not able to understand or discern what has been done are celebrating debt restructuring for the new Eurobonds, which mature in 2032 and 2053, you have not realised what Imingalato Mr Hichilema has played you.

Here is what Mr Hichilema has done?

Mr Hichilema assumes that he MAY win the 2026 elections for another 5 year term, which ends in 2031. He also realises that in order to hoodwink Zambians as the best president, he can now safely borrow as he is already doing and leave the repayment burden on whoever succeeds him in his imaginary 2031 exit. I use the word “imaginary” because any knowledgeable Zambian knows that he has categorically failed and he will be kicked out in 2026.

Now if you look at the maturity dates of 2032 and 2053, you will realise that, by his usual deceit, he has purposefully avoided responsibility for honouring the Bond repayment in 2032 because in the worst case scenario his term of office expires in 2031.

When we tell you that this man is a schemer, we mean exactly that. He has decided to absolve himself the responsibility of repaying the Bonds during his term of office and lumped the same responsibility on his successor. What type of human being is this man?

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


    • @indigo like the idiot you’re agreeing with this fuledi matako, even president M7 described such that even dogs don’t do yakumbuyo, so what kind of human is this you’re agreeing with?

      Yes 2026 it’s HH7 mpaka 2031. After HH7 UPND continue till 2041 so the restructured debt will be completed by then

      You indigo can go and lick fuledi ku matako while you wait!!!

  1. But Fred Kwena, awe sure.

    The Debt restructuring as the term goes, is to agree on the payment terms of the debt with the creditors on how the debt can be settled not now but at a latter date so that between now and then government can have breathing space to raise money, to do some developmental projects and generally attend to other service delivery to the people of Zambia since the Country at the moment have no money to pay all the creditors from whom your friend Lungu and his team borrowed from. Nowonder they defaulted in 2020 because they were operating in the negative economically as a Country. Now what are you talking about? These things you know them very well but You are just trying to mislead the masses through your usual blatant lies which is very bad.

    Even your friends in PF and your big fish Lungu, know very well that this is the same program that they started but because of their being not being reliable, they were not considered by the lenders to be the right people to negotiate with hence engaging Lagarde Consulting firm from France to assist or help them.

    What are you talking about really yiwe Fred. Why I if so.

  2. Fred Membe is like a fool! He doesn’t think beyond his belt. For him, everything is politics. And time is running out for him. His type of politics cannot win him even a single MP in 2026. So, he is in panic mode because no one will beat HH in 2026. Mr Membe thinks propaganda and hatred of HH will win him elections. Hus style of politics belongs to his age with is also running out very quickly; hence his hallucinating.

  3. What manner of human being is Fred M’membe? The Zambian government headed by HH is not the only party in the Eurobond debt restructuring talks. There’s of course the creditors. It now explains why he didn’t respect financial commitments he entered into during his time as editor of what was a very profitable newspaper. Everything was about what he himself wanted and not the other parties he had contracted with. The Zambian government does not have the last word in the Eurobond debt crisis.


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