Hichilema’s Govt Is Shaping Out To Be The Most Corrupt Govt – Nawakwi



Edith Nawakwi argues that President Hakainde Hichilema’s led government is shaping out to be the most corrupt administration owing to the micromanagement which forced people Dolika Banda to resign her position.

And Nawakwi said she warned Anglo-American during her time as Finance minister that she was going to flood the mines if they declared that ZCCM was under receivership so that they could come through the back door to get the assets for free.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Nawakwi praised Banda for being what she described as a rare professional by resigning from her position on account of alleged micromanagement of the corporate body from State House.

“You see most people want to be politically correct and pretend things are okay. If only everybody knew that this President is a micromanager to the point where he can be responsible for allocating three bags of maize, then you know the presidency is nothing but a trading facility. You need professionals to advise politicians and politicians to distance themselves from deal making because politicians are not mining experts,” Nawakwi said and touched on the President’s ongoing trip to Europe. “Look at the difference between the President of Kenya. He went to Holland and he’s signing deals. Our President is addressing possible investors. That’s just a show as it has been tried by other Presidents. You talk talk, and they don’t come.”

Nawakwi said the mining sector was one where people have burnt themselves.

“This is going to be the most corrupt government our country has ever seen. I said when you are close to the pot you are likely to behave like Eli’s children in the Bible,” she said, saying she would not be surprised to see companies which bankrolled UPND campaigns taking over the running of mines, in the same manner the husband to Information minister… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/this-is-shaping-out-to-be-the-most-corrupt-govt-nawakwi/


  1. Failed politician who prophesied that she would move to Botswana if HH won. Still here today, polluting the air with her rubbish.

  2. Is this bitterness and hatred meant to last a lifetime? It cant be that she doesnt see not a single good HH will ever do. This will certainly go in guiness records of the most bitter and hateful person

  3. Ms Nawakwi what does Dolika Banda’s resignation have to do with corruption.
    The statement that came out from ZCCM-IH states that it has to do with ZCCM-IH failure as a Public Limited Company failing to publish Audited accounts for two years.
    As a former Finance Minister you should know the audit cycle. Many companies under your watch failed to produce accounts in the ZIMCO group under your watch. The oil importing arm was one of them. Did that mean there was corruption? The difference is the regulation standard when firm is Publicly traded in this case. Out of moral belief Dolika Banda has resigned. Her ethics beliefs drove her to do so.
    The full statement on who what when and where about the ZCCM-IH accounts and audit have NOT been public as such we would be speculating until we are informed about why auditors have failed to sign off on the accounts of ZCCM-IH. But its no secret that under Mr. Kasolo and thereafter. ZCCM-IH may have been forced into questionable transactions the Mopani take over is just one of them.
    Cleaning up such and other balance sheet items doesnt happen over night. We see that in Zuma Guptagate issues that plague Public institutions in South Africa. Its easy to destroy, but it is so much harder to fix what is destroyed.
    The UPND is trying to do just that. Incoherent in policy when it comes to the mines and most policies. But has its heart in the right place. Governing isnt easy. And I dont see any one in opposition any where close to this government being able to deal what they have on their plate right now. So please be objective and critical in your outlook. For a UNZA graduate you fall short in being logical and rational.
    Dolika Banda took a moral position stepping aside and admutting that she failed to produce audited accounts in a timely manner. The British Politician resigned yesterday on a similar position. Congress Person Santos in the US is being asked to resign because he lied and abused campaign finance laws and funds. What we should be seeking to understand the why the ZCCM-IH audited accounts failed to be produced timely. In your article you fail to state exactly why. Instead dancing around an issue of corruption without saying exactly who, what where, how or why? Basic innuendo! At almost 59 years Zambia should be better than this pettiness. How do we expect nations like Zimbabwe to do better at governance

  4. Madame, haters are not the best analyzers of the government because they can’t say anything good about it. The government of God is the best in the whole universe but satan will never say anything good about it. Ms Nawakwi you are on record prophesying that, as long as I live, HH will never be the president of Zambia but here we are now, HH is the president of Zambia. So with the combination of the hatred, frustration, bitterness, jealous and failure of your prophecy, there is nothing good you can say about HH and his UPND government. But thank God, people are now very analytical and they make their own judgment, they no longer depend on jealous people like you. We are seeing for ourselves and contrary to what you are saying, UPND is shaping to be one of the best governments in the history of this country. HH is human just like you and me, so he cannot stamp out corruption in one and half years that he has been in office. You know that corruption was so rampant and the economy was run down but at least HH is trying his best to correct things, we no longer hear of ubomba mwibala alya mwibala. Corruption actually became official under the previous administration. The Kenyan President you are talking about inherited a good economy with full investor confidence unlike his Zambian counterpart who inherited a collapsed economy with a huge unsustainable foreign debt. Investors lost confidence in the previous government, it is now that they are beginning to see hope in the UPND government through HH. Investors are to be attracted, they have to be convinced that their investment is safe in Zambia and HH is just doing that and they are being convinced and attracted. Just come to terms and accept that things have changed and HH is the President of Zambia and you have seen how he ably represented Zambia in Europe, we are just so proud to have such a President, HH is the pride of Zambia and Africa.


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