Tutwa Ngulube

UTTERENCES by President Hakainde Hichilema that the former boss of Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) built mansions using public money, is prejudicial as it declares him guilty before being tried by courts of law, Lusaka lawyer, Tutwa Ngulube has said.

President Hichilema on Saturday said senior UPND officials were pleading to manage DMMU because they had seen how the one who was at the unit had built mansions using public funds at the expense of vulnerable children who were not in school.

Mr. Ngulube however said the statement was prejudicial and could even jeopardise investigations that would be instituted against the former DMMU boss because the Head of State had portrayed a picture that he was already guilty without being prosecuted.

He said in an interview that the Head of State should refrain from making alarming statements because he risked putting the country at crossroads.

“That statement is prejudicial, building a mansion shouldn’t be a judgment, it shouldn’t be the measure for corruption unless you have evidence that this mansion has been built from corrupt practices,” Mr Ngulube said.

And Mr. Ngulube who is former Patriotic Front deputy parliamentary chief whip said it was illogical reasoning and a fallacy that the person who was in charge of DMMU made a lot of money because its budget was approved by parliament.
He said it was therefore not possible that a person could build mansions using DMMU money because the institution was a government department subject to auditing.

“The issue is people are failing to understand what the role of DMMU is. The DMMU budget is approved by parliament, so it’s not possible that people can start building mansions by using DMMU money,” he said.

Mr. Ngulube said if there were people who were suspected to have stolen, they should be arrested instead of labeling anyone who had built a mansion as being a thief.- Zambia Daily Nation


  1. Do you know what? it better to keep quiet sometimes. You call yourself a lawyer and yet you claim that President Hakainde Hichilema said that the former boss of Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) Chanda Kabwe built mansions using public money, is prejudicial as it declares him guilty before being tried by courts of law.
    If I heard the president well, He never mentioned a Mr. Chanda Kabwe in his speech. Was is it maybe a former boss of the Disaster and Mitigation Unit in the Rupiah Banda era or Chiluba era?
    Tell us Mr. Ngulube.

  2. Tutwa if there is nothing positive to say just keep quiet. Don’t just open your mouth for the sake of making noise. Do some self introspection.

  3. I must confess that I agree with you on this early disclosure of information. Private and confidential information provided to the President must be treated as such and not divulged in a surge of anger and in stressing a disciplinary point.

    The President must be in full control of his emotions and await for the appropriate time for the investigative wings to implement the charges against the offenders.

    Right now, the cat is out of the bag and exposed already. So please be careful of speaking too soon about issues that can jeopardise the execution of the criminal cases.

    Your Excellency please take hid of this important warning.

  4. I agree with Mr. Ngulube, if the president already has incriminating evidence against the previous office bearers, why not have them arrested?

    Why not have them arrested, if he knows that they built mansions using public finances?

    I know it feels good to divulge such information to the public so that the public may praise us. That is why it is important to have written speeches.

  5. He hasn’t mentioned any names. He just said there was misuse at DMMU so we are still waiting for investigations to follow and names to be revealed after that. Tutwa that’s why your mouth gets you in trouble always and the same mouth made you lose your seat.

    • But it’s obvious don’t you agree. Who else was in charge there?

      However it’s not something that can break a camels back, but never the less has the potential of destroying a good case, from a legal point of view.

  6. It’s not a secret that DMMU was taken advantage of by some priviledged crooks and thieves. The President did not mention any names.

    If the DMMU boss was stealing, why should he shield him? To date we don’t know the owner of 48 houses.

    What really happened on the procurement of over priced fire tenders and ambulances. The former President did not see anything wrong.

    • Brother It’s the principle that matters. I support the President. But a principle is the fundamental issue. It can’t be broken. That’s all. So yes he said it, but it was wrong based on legal ethical grounds. It’s a principle.


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