Highlights from the Joint Press Briefing by Information and Media Permanent Secretary and his Home Affairs Counterpart


✅ Information and Media Permanent Secretary Thabo Kawana and his Home Affairs and Internal Security counterpart Dickson Matembo have condemned the unauthorised recording and distribution of their conversation with Petauke Member of Parliament, Hon. Emmanuel Jay Banda.

✅ The Permanent Secretaries have since reported Hon. Banda to the police for recording their conversation without consent.

✅ Mr. Kawana clarified that the visit to Hon. Banda at the hospital was made in good faith, upon invitation from Hon. Banda and his uncle, Chief Mumbi of Eastern Province.

✅ During the visit, Hon. Banda proposed disclosing the truth about his alleged abduction in exchange for an MoU and the dropping of charges against him. This proposal was rejected by the Permanent Secretaries.

✅ They challenged those who leaked the audio of their conversation with Hon. Banda to release the entire conversation for public consumption, asserting there is nothing to hide.

✅ Mr. Matembo urged the media and public to scrutinize the details of Hon. Banda’s alleged abduction, noting inconsistencies.

✅ He also criticised false statements made by some citizens and Hon. Banda’s lawyers, stating that these have legal implications and cause public alarm.

✅ The public will be informed of the outcome the alleged abduction matter once the investigations are concluded.



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