The Anti-Corruption Commission has arrested three Directors of Honey Bee Pharmacy Limited for uttering of false documents.

The Commission has arrested Abdurrauf Abdurahim Motala, 41 of house number 107 Umodzi Highway in Chipata, Zakir H. Motala, 42, of ABM Apartments in Lusaka and Imran Runat, 40, house number 429 Obote Road in Lusaka. They have been arrested on one count of uttering of a false document contrary to section 352 and 347 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

The arrest comes in the wake of a contract awarded in August 2019 by the government of the Republic of Zambia through the Ministry of Health to Honey Bee Pharmacy, for the supply of 22,500 health kits to health centers countrywide at a contract sum of $17,000,000.00. Investigations have established that the three directors of HoneyBee Pharmacy Limited, uttered false documents to the Ministry of Health as part of the tender documents for the supply and delivery of health kits. The documents included, undated recommendation letters from South Africa and Malawi and an Audit Financial Statement purportedly prepared by an auditor but which was not the case.

The arrest is only one part of the many aspects of the case involving Honey Bee Pharmacy that the Commission has been investigating. Investigations on the other aspects continue.

Queen K. Chibwe (Mrs.)


  1. A new broom does clean better than an old one. Why didn’t the previous government pay particular attention to such criminally motivated conduct as alleged here.

    Why did this elude the professionals whose job it was to evaluate and ensure that the mentioned company was competent to participate in this tender.

    How many people colluded in this well covered and concealed transaction. Why did some certain former leaders panic when we started hearing about these alleged crimes having been committed by this company. Did they have any personal interest?

    What exactly is the job of those who examined every documents of this company during tender submissions. How is it possible that the same erroneous documents would go through all the various departments of the concerned institutions until final payment is made without being spotted. Even by the internal Audit.

    These puzzling questions need to be answered. $ 17,000,000 is a lot of money and as such this criminal act is unfair to punish on legitimate companies who fulfilled the requirements of the tender which was issued in the national press for all to participate it. In short they lost out on a fraud supported and covered by God knows who. We want to find the missing link. Let’s follow the money trail.

    Corruption is truly a destroyer of a perfect system and whole society if embraced. The previous administration must answer to this shameful act.

    We wait to see the outcome of this troubling revelation.

    • Regarding the current on going issue at the same Ministry, we want a thorough investigation and no sacred cows.

      Time has come to deal with all forms of corruption. We are watching carefully and reading very inquisitively and investigatively. We won’t be easy to fool. Let the truth prevail.

  2. These thieves hide behind Thier beards and portray themselves as religious, they are thugs and in collaboration with PF.
    God will teach you a good lesson, your food and all your efforts are HARAM.
    Your haram greed will be shown through your children

  3. This is new dawn noti vaupuba vakudala. Alot more are going down. Conniving with ZRA , ERB, Labour etc. We know what some of these foreigners are doing. Underpaying workers and abusing the employment code. You report to labour and they do nothing cz their bululuz are employed by these foreigners. This time they won’t get away. Fake work permits everywhere.

  4. This deal is too big for it to pass?
    There is a bigger fish which has a share in
    This cake.let them expose this fish aswell.
    Besides there are others also who made
    It pass.

  5. Let us also start hearing about $42m wheel barrows, ambulances etc. We need to know, we want to know, we wish to see all those involved get arrested, lose everything they used our money on and spend the remaining lives of their stupidselves in jail.


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