Former Kabushi PF Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo has denied being a violent person as is being insinuated in some quarters of society.

Mr. Lusambo says nowhere in the Constitutional Court ruling that nullified his seat was it mentioned that he was engaged in any form of violence.

Speaking on the Hot Seat Program on Hot FM this morning, Mr. Lusambo said failing to intervene when some people from his party were engaging in violence does not make him a violent person.

Mr. Lusambo who denied instructing anyone to engage in violence described himself as a peaceful and loving person who is loved by all Zambians.

And Mr. Lusambo said there is nothing malicious about his Chamba Valley House which the Anti-Corruption Commission seized in April suspected to be proceeds of crime.

The former Lusaka Province Minister wondered how the ACC expected him to fail to build the mansion having worked and engaged in business for several years before joining politics further describing their actions as traumatizing to his children.- HOT FM


  1. The group called NATO Forces which terrorized supporters of UPND were a violent group that you knew existed in Kabushi Constituency. And you, Barman Lusambo, were seen with this group on several occasions. Therefore, you are violent. They say if you don’t know a man’s character, judge him by that of his associates!

  2. A minister who violently extracts people from commuter minibuses is a violent minister. You were shown on camera on national TV, you cannot refute that. You beat up major Kachingwe, though you refuted in the HOT FM interview. But the fact is that you recently apologised to major Kachingwe. Your violent acts are many. Just say you want to stop being violent.

  3. This ass hole can’t even spell the word violent…
    Trying to show he is humble, now it’s our time to beat you up, the same way did to us when you had power.
    Come to Ndola, you will leave with your trousers missing.

  4. The word of God advises that from the abundance of heart the mouth speaks. The fact is that what ever is hinden in the depths of the human heart (the spirit of man) is ultimately gathered and spoken out of the mouth. This is where the fruit is gathered.

    Hence, even if one pretends to be what the are not eventually when enough pressure is applied on the character of the person or circumstances arise threatening the person in question, the real attributes gathered in their heart of hearts will come out.

    That is why, this untruthful canning man is seemly failing to realize that we how experienced his pretence and been preview actual personality in real time events.

    For instance it is undeniable that he managed to further his political career by bully and threatening political opponents using violent means which his leaders encouraged him to use.

    This is how tyrants and cowards behave. They threaten or violently silence their perceived political opponents instead of facing them with ideologies. Debate and winning others through conviction of ideas should the appropriate why of conducting civil politics.

    But we now see the arrogance and unrepentant attitude of this already accused and found guilty person by the constitutional court of this serious behaviour of violence.

    The word of God teaches us that we shall know them by their fruits. It is not rocket science to know what type of character a person is. All that is needed is to pay particular attention to what they say and how they act. These two important attributes will always show you exactly who the person is. The fruit can not be hidden.

    In this particular case our past and recent observations of the conduct of this man is that he is perpetrator of violence and covers his tracks through lying about his activities and true character.

    The trouble with this type of personality is that they are dangerous as they can not to be trusted as they are psychologically imbalanced. In some instance if supported and sheilded they can cause permanent harm or even death to oppennets if they are convinced they can get away with it. They have no sense of morals hence their loyalty with go extra miles in worshipping their so called masters. It does not matter who dares questions them as long as they fill their position or master is threatened they will attack the perceived energy. It a mental illness and should be treated with caution. Eventual they usually turn on their own team when they are sidelined or ignored.

    These people have a dual personality where they first convince themselves to be good when in actual fact the have intent to cause harm. I think after what we have all known about this man he either is a good actor or has serious mental illness and needs help. I can not understand this behaviour being normal at all.

    We need a new type of leadership that makes sense not this type of cheap political comedy. We have just out grown this low life type of leadership.

    Finally citizens it is our responsibility to bring sanity in our politics. Let’s not mistake abusive thugarism for quality leadership. This just dose not make sense.

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