Simon Mwewa Lane wrote…..


A classic case of casting pearls before swine.

I didn’t like the way Mutale Mwanza tried to belittle and down play Esther Chungu’s faith. The tone and attitude with which Mutale spoke to Esther was both disrespectful and condescending.

Esther Chungu brings a sense of decency to the show but she shouldn’t be subjected to mockery by Mutale Mwanza simply because she’s now married to Pompi.

I urge the producers of that show to lay down some ground rules…before viewers start writing you letters of complaint.



  1. What show is that? They all look very fake. Please let’s be African. In our mannerisms and how we carry our ourselves. We’re not Americans and we’ll never be.

  2. Esther can fight her own battles. She chose to share the same platform as that hule, so she must have expected such incidents.

  3. That’s exactly what MM2 wanted, some attention and I think she plays her cards well. The day no one from the public figures will stop responding to her utterances, she will tone down. Zambia my country why do we spend our energy to discuss a person who stands for what they believe in? In this case it’s only MM2 enjoying the woman of the moment. How often do we discuss Madam Mzinga Melu or Dr. Christine Kaseba better still our legandary ladies in the names of:-
    1. Alice Lenshina Mulenga
    2. Madam Inonge Wina
    3. Her Ladyship Madam CJ ireen Mambilima
    4. Mama Betty Kaunda and the list is endless?
    We had prudent media personalities in the names of:-
    1. Doreen Mukanzo
    2. Doris
    3. Ann Mukabe
    4. Etc!
    5. Faith Kandaba


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