I Don’t Live In Hichilema’s House To Thank Him – Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba


I don’t live in Hakainde Hichilema’s house to be thankful to him, says Economic Front (EF) leader Wynter Kabimba.

And Kabimba says the UPND administration has signed up Zambia to homosexuality in the declarations from the Democracy Summit and it doesn’t matter the denials from the administration as soon the Americans will be demanding the decriminalisation of homosexual practices in the country’s penal code..

Featuring on CAMNET TV, Kabimba was confronted by one caller to the programme who asked him to be thankful to President Hichilema as the UPND has administration ended caderism as compared to the PF administration, something Kabimba disagreed against saying the caderism has merely reduced and not ended while violence under the UPND administration has become more rampant.

“Ifyo mulelanda ati ukutasha (That which you are saying that I should be thankful). I don’t live in HH’s house for me to tashya him,” Kabimba said.

The EF leader further said it was wrong for President Hichilema not to move into State House as he will have to answer for all the developments at community house one day as no one stays in power in perpetuity, saying the same people who are doing the renovations will also be the whistleblowers when time to… http://dailyrevelationzambia.com/dont-live-in-hichilemas-house-to-thank-him-kabimba/


  1. Kabimba is just an empty tin that will never amount to anything in his political career. He will make noise and hope that somebody hears him and appoints him to some position. He can’t even win an election in his own village, that’s how useless the man is so one can understand his frustration and anger at HH who unlike him won and became President despite all the noise and wicked campaigns against him by Kamimba

  2. Shut up Wynter, you are just a useless politician who is completely stranded. You have failed to make an impact in zambian politics. Better retire and do something else bwana. Your boyfriend you rejected is even trying, maybe reconcile and join him so that after 20 yrs zambians may try you because UPND has a minimum of 20 yrs in office according to my prediction.


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