I Expect Hichilema To Take Lead Role In Supporting My NGO As Former Inmate- Mumbi Phiri

Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri


Former prison inmate Mumbi Phiri says she expects her fellow former inmate President Hakainde Hichilema to be in the forefront of supporting the NGO she will be launching which will be looking into the plight of female prisoners among several other aspects.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Phiri said she would welcome any help from the President in helping out the causes she will be advancing.

She said she is looking forward to the registration of her NGO, saying it will be looking into the welfare of children, women and the sick in prison, and hopes to get the funding from well wishers for which she has already reached out to her connections outside the country after having served as a former diplomat.

“He’s (President Hichilema) a former inmate. In fact I was very disappointed. Are you aware that every Christmas there are some inmates who are supposed to be released from prison on parole. Last year no one came out. How a former inmate can forget such an important thing only God knows,” the former PF deputy secretary general said. “And having himself spent 229 days in prison I expect him to be in the forefront to support this NGO. Because he didn’t think about it and yet he is also from there. Me I am from there and I am thinking of this and he knows the suffering of the prisoners there. He is most welcome I am not looking at who is contributing. I am looking at how that contribution can go towards helping… http://dailyrevelationzambia.com/7746-2/


  1. This is the only strategy PeeEfu misleaders know.

    Patronising the office of the President and begging.

    Sorry Madame, those days of financial recklessness are gone. Feel free to patronise ECL. You were cooking nshima outside his residence few weeks ago.

  2. Miss Phiri, I am happy that you are turning your life around, and now want to help those that are marginalised in Zambia.

    I am sure the president will give you his full support, as a former inmate himself.

    God bless you in this initiative.

  3. This kind of thinking is wrong! You don’t open or form an NGO for a person or for the presidents support? You know how yo belittled the man when he was in opposition? Go out there and cast your net wide. Don’t bring the President into contempt. You can’t go and open an NGO and expect the president to keep footing the bills. You were in Parliament and headed a party that was in power for a long time and should have resources to run your kantemba. The President has a lot on his place. To help the underprivileged. Instead of joining him in fighting pover, and impoverishment you want the president to start deviating resources to you? Really?? Why don’t you ask your former pay master to sponsor you? They had plenty of money that they even used to ask other people to keep for them. Stick to your learn and ask PF to sponsor your project.

  4. Your NGO is a bogus one. You just want to beg and trick foolish people. We know who you are. A heartless and foul mouthed individual . Ask Bulldozer and Bonanza for money and not our President HH7. Ata se. Uko kuli ba paya farmer(pf).

  5. You don’t force. One has to be interested in working with you. You don’t just work with someone just like that. There are both physical and spiritual considerations to look at. How do you just work with someone you don’t quite connect with — someone whose chemistry with yours is immiscible? Best you look elsewhere


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