I Failed My Grade 7 Exams- Jackson Silavwe


I Failed My Grade 7 Exams!
By Jackson Silavwe

I wrote my grade seven examinations and expected to pass. However, by the time I was writing my exams my grades had only improved slightly compared to before my parents divorced but I was confident that I would make it to grade eight. When the results came out, I had failed my grade 7 exams. I missed the cut off point by a few marks. I was numb.

My father came home that evening and asked about my results. I told my father, “Ba Daddy Nimpona” (Dad I have failed). He looked at my results and looked at me. In his gaze there was no anger. He never scolded me or said anything bad. He told me to go to sleep because it was late.

A few days later, after having his late night cup of tea, he told me that he had consulted his friends. ‘Jack you should proceed to grade eight, because all along you have been an above average student.’ My Dad further assured me that a place was already secured at one of the schools. He asked me if I was agreeable.

My answer shocked him….. I refused to proceed to grade eight without passing. I told him its better I repeat grade 7. He tried to convince me but my mind was made up. He asked me which school I would like to go to, I told him the same one where I had failed.

As a grade seven REPEATER I moved from being an above average student to one of the best in school and later made it to my dream school, Mufulira Secondary and later to a national school, David Kaunda (DK) in Lusaka. Failure brought the best out of me.

“For though a righteous man falls seven times, he will rise again, but the wicked stumble into calamity – Proverbs 24: 16”. Don’t give up! Dont quit! The best is waiting for you passed your failures.


  1. Very inspirational Story ba Jekesoni!! Definitely a Breath of Fresh air from the chocking and toxic Political news that we are daily subjected to. Well done Sir


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