HARRY Kalaba asserts that he does not fear anybody.

The Democratic Party (DP) president is encouraging party members to be brave while observing the law of the land.

“Fear nobody! If you will be fearing those who are enjoying wine, cakes and whatever they are eating, then it’s your fault,” Kalaba said during the party’s first extraordinary national convention at Ku Park Lodge in Chilanga on Friday. “I fear nobody! But I’ll follow the law. There is no time to fear; fear belongs to those that don’t know what they want. I’m telling you the truth; those of you who have travelled with me even know my character. We don’t fear [but] we respect the law.”

He also told DP members that, “please [there should be] no violence in our party”.

“If I don’t insult, why should you?” Kalaba asked.

He also said Zambia is embattled with the siege of State capture and that it would require Zambians’ collective resolve to address: “this leadership and economic malaise.”

“[We need to] set ourselves on the path of economic emancipation. I stand ready to lead the DP in its quest to form an alliance with the people of Zambia and usher in an accountable government in 2021 and help provide the leadership that will address the ills the people of Zambia have been subjected to over the last six years,” noted Kalaba.


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