Former Zesco board chairman Dr Mbita Chitala has disclosed that he flatly refused former justice minister and now PF vice-president Given Lubinda’s request to approve the sale of Zesco’s assets to his long time Chinese friend.

In his book Corporate Capture, the Political Economy of Electricity Management in Zambia 2014-2021, (How Not to Manage a State Enterprise), first obtained by Daily Revelation, Dr Mbita Chitala stated that he was summoned by then Justice minister Lubinda during his time as Zesco board chairperson to sign the resolution on the sale of 7.9 hectares Zesco land, which housed 23 medium cost power station houses among other things.

He stated that the said land had been proposed to be sold at $253,500.00, which he said shocked him that an attempt was made to strip Zesco of its valued asset at a give away price, without even the board discussing the matter and making the appropriate resolution.

“I had earlier been summoned by the Minister of Justice, one Hon. Given Lubinda then who I learnt was a long time… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/i-flatly-refused-lubindas-request-to-sale-zesco-assets-to-his-chinese-friend-says-mbita-chital/


  1. We commend you Mbita Chitala. This was a commendable service to the nation. This is the patriotism we need. Actually he should be reported for abuse of office. He needs to go in this one. Many cases against him…

  2. There we go! It’s now all out war. They are now on each other’s throat. Now we want to know who gave Lubinda the powers to sale ZESCO assets outside IDC. Lubinda sold himself land and property belonging to the council in Kabwata/Libala. This guy was fired by Sata from PF and PF government leadership positions. Come and claim it’s persecution.

    • Grammar? Blame the Zambian education system. A friend, who has a masters, wrote to me; I sent the relics to the song, didn’t you see them? Then the Headmaster at my son’s school wrote me after he faced some disciplinary action ; your son will never repeat this omen again. Some people it seems never read the book Common Mistakes In English. Kkkkk

      • Sad when we become experts at someone’s language and yet you have forgotten you own.

        When a mistake is made by a none native don’t laugh at them it’s not their language or mother tongue.

        Does this make you more important because your grammar in the English language is polished. You are still just an English speaking polished grammatically correct Zambian.

        Now that Chinese is taking the globe by storm will you also change and be an expert in that grammar too.

        See, the things we often take pride in are ridiculous. It’s good that you have successfully been grammatically converted but don’t look down on others who can not effectively use the correct grammar to communicate. Besides it’s only used to simply spark a conversation and not confirm if they are intelligent or not.

        I like what the West Africans have done to the English language, they have thrown out the rules and mixed it with what they are able to understand and life goes on.

  3. Pf was a rotten regime full of thieves, the registrar of society should deregister PF.Let all those who served under PF be investigated so that the truth can be known.Can mr.chishimba kambwili comment on this revelation because he has been so vocal trying to make a name on the good things which president HH has achieved which him alone can not see.Whe have the likes of Shoni Tembo EP president we want him to add his voice also as well as mr.winter kabimba.

  4. It is appalling that one man then in the name of Mbita Chitala should be placed in in a position to sell or not to sell a national asset like ZESCO which was put put at a great cost to the nation. In addition many people in the area who provided cheap labour died during dam construction. We should also remember that may people were relocated from their traditional lands. Such a valuable asset should never again be placed in the hands of an irresponsible Government. I support the move to un bundle ZESCO.

  5. It’s your word against his. Maybe you are just looking to be a hero or want favors from the new government so we can’t know the truth on this matter.

  6. Mr Given Lubinda, whatever he touched on was never meant to be for public interest. Kabwata market, chilenje community hall place, Libala/ kabwata community play parks land, LCC Looters Sports grounds forest 27, 47 ku kabile, kapyanga where he reportedly got more land as the forest was shared out amongst PF and government officials including inonge wina again, like in the other Forest. Everything, including bill 10, driven by given Lubinda was meant for him and his clique to heist the loot.

    Does the system know about all the things given Lubinda has been involved in for personal benefit? Time to follow the looting trail

  7. So Mr. Loud mouth has some skeletons in his closet? No wonder these people are freaking out, they have a lot of baggage. This explains a lot of criminal intentions these guys had.

    This is revelation is worth checking out in order to confirm if any such criminal intentions were followed through.

  8. This corruption fight could never deemed to go on the right direction unless chinyau Lubinda and AB Chikwanda are also fully investigated.
    Why on earth is the government keeping this idiot milingo lungu to liquid KCM, when it’s public knowledge he was appointed to strip the mine assets for his and his masters benefit. If the new dawn government carries on with him, there will be nothing to salvage let alone a mine. Pity the people of Chingola and Chililabombwe.


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