Steve G writes

I Got married to a miracle……..

I was like a singer without a song to sing.
Walked in a road full of voices wishing me bad , but in the middle of pain and sorrow, I stood to bless the land with my gift and kept the faith , you asked so much from me lord, you said forgive them before they apologize which I did but not easy.

I went out to sing, bless people and still went home empty. No one ever wanted to know how I was doing, thanks to a few good friends. I remember being called evil over something I didn’t know, I really thought am not entitled to being loved or feel and had nothing worth living for.

Now time has come, a time which is proving to me that He’s a God of time, the God who sees in the dark.
A time which shows the faithfulness of God.
Thank you lord for my beautiful wife.❤️❤️❤️
Thanks for giving me something worth living for.

To those with negativity I still love you and I pray you meet the God I serve soon. Remember don’t strive to be known… strive to be worth knowing . You will register a face of praise in the presence of your enemies



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