Collins Barry
Air Force Commander Collins Barry

By Chambwa Moonga

ZAMBIA Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Colin Barry says he is honoured to head the Air Force.

On Sunday, President Hakainde Hichilema appointed Barry, then a Brigadier General, to be Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Commander and promoted him to the rank of Lieutenant General.

Lt Gen Barry, born of a Kaonde mother and Scottish father, was sworn-in by President Hichilema at State House today.

Speaking to journalists after being sworn-in, Lt Gen Barry said: “I have a lot to offer to the Air Force.”

“[I’m] not taking anything away from the Air Force commander (Lieutenant General David Michael Muma). He’s done an excellent job. His main drive was on operational readiness and personal welfare,” Lt Gen Barry said. “We’ll continue looking into those two areas, and just do as much as we can. Let’s keep the Air Force going the way it’s moving, and I’m just honoured to be at the helm.”

Asked about some civilians who wear ZAF look alike attire, Lt Gen Barry said: “we are very strict on our uniform and our distribution of uniform.”

“We have records of who has these uniforms. Of course, we just need to make an example if we find anybody who is doing that…” said Lt Gen Barry.

“There are there, no doubt! We’ve seen them. We just have to obviously pay attention to that. Since the Head of State has mentioned it, we’ll look into it a bit more…”


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