Harry Kalaba

Harry Kalaba

Well done Muchinga Police!

I have been in Muchinga for the last four days without any police following me. Mpika was untouchable a few months ago. I think this is progressive.

President HH keep it up.


  1. Keep it up as well. It is to appreciate and give kudos where it is due. This is also progressive politics Mr Kalaba.

  2. Mr Kalaba, I salute you for praising where is is due and questioning where it is necessary, that is being a very objective opposition and with leaders of your kind in the opposition, Zambian is headed for objective democracy which will attract many people to the political field knowing that they will not be mistreated in any way.

  3. Mr. Kalaba, like all the other bloggers you must be recognised for your constructive and objective comments. Maybe , just maybe you can analyse other areas and comment like:
    1. Maybe HH has left the police to do their job without intervening as long as they follow the law.
    2. Maybe HH has not got involved with the ACC who maybe frustrating him but he would rather not get involved.
    3. Maybe HH is not getting involved in the courts however frustrating it may be.

    Your independent observations truthfully on the above can only make you the ” preferred opposition leader : not only for UPND supporters but all Zambians.

    • This is the type of opposition we need. Give credit where it is due. Keep it up DP; please grow your membership so that we can have a credible major opposition political party to provide objective checks and balances.

  4. KKKKK! Harry, what are you doing in Muchinga? Come back to Lusaka, mune! The police nowadays know their limits, they cant be harrssing innocent Zambians like you. I hope you are not disapointed that the cops are not harrassing you even if when you have not done anything wrong.

  5. Freedom is important for development.We had slipped into a police state but paradoxically a lawless society.
    Zambians must be commended for removing tyranny against all odds,ZNBC PF,MARKETS PF,Bus Stations PF, Thuggery everywhere .
    Today PF,Socialist Party,DP, Rainbow,Sean Tembo are saying UPND has done nothing.PF has the record of committing SACRILEGE at Leopard Hills Memorial Park by stoning mourners during the burial of a UPND member.Nothing like this before independence,until PF
    Clergymen & women weren’t spared particularly Pentecostal ones,they were silent as PF abused Kalaba,stoned mourners,closed TV stations because Kalaba spoke there …

  6. Just wait the police follow people committing offences. You have not committed any iffence now. The day they will visit you do not complain but give credit.

  7. Very commendable indeed. It is good for Opposition leaders to identify and highlight the good things which the ruling government has achieved.

    We still need them to continue constructively criticise this administration as the offer reasonable checks and balances.

    This is a step in the right direction.


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