Lusaka-Friday, 14th January 2022
PF MCC for Information and Publicity Hon. Raphael Nakachinda continues to be detained without charge at Woodlands.
Nakacinda re-affirmed that he has not committed any offence as he is a student of Bemba language.

He said he has been reading; “Insoselo na Mapinda-Ancient Bemba Wisdom for Modern Living” done by Chileshe Kapwepwe and Sampa Kangwa-Wilkie.

He advised leaders to heed to advice; “Munshebwa aile namafi kubuko”.
He said Zambians should appreciate the rich culture, traditions and heritage of the country.


  1. The reason you are were you are today is because you have a big mouth and hollow head.You are so dull in reasoning.Imagine we had people like you as ministers…its a shame.You are not coming back ba pf,4yrs is not next year…keep on speaking in tongues… Jail will be your daily bread Nakachinda,you don`t have brains.Infact give him bail next week Thursday…How i wish they can keep you for a month…so that you come out of your induced brain damage.

  2. If Nakachinda has been learning Bemba derogatory language, let him use those specifically to Bemba people knowing that they will not complain. It is total stupidity to use insulting Bemba idioms to non Bembas and think that he can get away with it. Further more, Nakachinda should not hide his buttocks inside a trousers but rather leave them exposed so that his children could be telling him to put the buttocks down. If it is acceptable for Nakachinda’s children to start using those words to him then he can extend it to others. What is not good for him is not good to others worse more to the presidency. MWIKALENG’AKU NA MAANA HELA MUDI A PF CHIPOMPELU CHA WUSUPI.


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