Moses Kuwema writes;

“The return of dinosaurs”

Newly sworn in Teaching Service Commission member, Mr Clement Sinyinda 70, is a former member of parliament for Senanga central & former deputy minister of education in Rupiah Banda’s MMD. He is a teacher by profession and according to the parliamentary website, he has a diploma in education.

My personal encounter with Mr Sinyinda was back in 2009/10 in Mongu during the Kuomboka ceremony when he chased us like dogs from his canoe at Mongu Harbor—together with some UN diplomats who included the then UN resident coordinator McLeod Nyirongo & his spouse and former UNDP country director Viola Morgan & her spouse.

The diplomats had gotten an assurance that it was ok to use the canoe to get to Lealui before an uncompromising Mr Sinyinda, as a deputy minister, came fuming; “get out of my boat! Out!” That was the day I lost all the respect I had for the man. More than 10 years later, nothing has really changed. I however, wish him well in his new job.


  1. Sad that we are seeing old people who should be left to rest, back to “rejuvenate” the Teaching Service Commission!
    I am wondering honestly the logic behind this appointment.

  2. It wasn’t necessary to mention his qualification(diploma in Education).Some information may be personal and needs protection.It is also not wholesale correct to think that anyone who reaches 70 automatically becomes useless and irrelevant in his/ her country,no.Should my own father die for me to possess his property ?Don’t these old pipo also have dependants who they support ?What does the constitution say about what we condemn ?Life is life .Any life loss pains regardless of age.I wept n still weep for having lost my 86 yr old dad.When does one becomes untitled to political appointments ?Today you are a youth but wait,tomorrow is next !Then you will know why a person would still need to work at age 70.

  3. Don’t bring personal issues to the attention of the general public. In the first place, who gave you permission to ride in his canoe? I believe the canoe was his private property and had all the right to kick your arses out of his canoe. So, you have been holding on to a grudge for the past 10 years over a canoe which wasn’t even yours. Moron, grow up and move on or get your own canoe. Otherwise starting preparing for the long swim to lealui during the next kuomboka.

  4. But why do you sound like it’s a curse to be 70 years old? It’s a blessing my dear. Things happen in this life, learn to forgive & forget. The same man cud be gud to others.

  5. The Writer has a right to share his experience. The man was rude regardless of the fact that it was his canoe. The writer and his companions got on it by mistake, he could have easily spoken to them in a normal. Sounds like the man was pompous. Uwa kalema takaleka. Secondly it’s okay to mention his age. Indeed he should be retired and resting. If he was maybe sixty, then it would have been okay. Don’t compare to Biden who was elected. This guy was appointed. And needing to feed his family? Please. This guy was a deputy minister surely he didn’t save enough from there? Why recycle the same people when there are others who need jobs? As for mentioning his educational qualifications: it’s in the public domain. What’s the big deal? People chill.

  6. I think it is fine for the man to be appointed to the Teaching Service Commission as long as he is capable of doing the work there. People should be assessed on the basis of their professional and technical capability. It would be wrong to discriminate on basis of age just as it is wrong to discriminate of basis of race or tribe.

  7. Being 70 is not a death sentence, and does not mean you cease eating. Actually in industrialized countries, people go on working into their 70s, 80s and even 90s (believe it or not). As long as his brain continues to serve him well, let us let the man be!!

  8. Yeah. Lack of understanding , ignorance and arrogance speaks like this. So now his own father has become useless and unable to do anything because he is old now. How pathetic.

    Young man you need to grow some more. Elderly people still have a lot to give. Don’t think you are now the new ocean of good ideas and wisdom. You are still a toddler needing constant guidance.

    Going by you childish behaviour you may want to replace God with a youthful person, since he is the ancient of days now that’s old. But he keeps going and will probably out last you.

    Sit down and let power and leadership be handed over to you properly by those who have gone ahead of you.

  9. Age is not the problem, his attitude definitely is an issue as demonstrated by his outrageous behaviour towards the tourists.
    Academic qualifications are part and parcel of a resume and so must be disclosed for all who seek public office. Otherwise you get ministers without even a grade 12 certificate!


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