I HAVE WORKABLE PROGRAMMES TO HICHILEMA’S … he can do so much more without licking his lips- Nawakwi


I HAVE WORKABLE PROGRAMMES TO HICHILEMA’S … he can do so much more without licking his lips, Nawakwi

FDD leader Edith Nawakwi argues that
she has concrete alternatives to President Hakainde Hichilema’s offers, in response to the President’s challenge for opposition leaders to provide alternative programmes to his, arguing that he can actually open up Zambia economically without having to lick his lips.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Nawakwi said the IMF programme the UPND administration is pursuing will not work because of what she described as the IMF’s impossible demand of asking the government to band together bilateral creditors with the private people Zambia owed “kaloba.”

She urged the President not to pin his hopes so much on the IMF.

“Ba yama, ba kateka twalimitemwa (uncle Hichilema, we love you) more than even the IMF. Those international movement of famine, they move it from one country to another will not give us the money for the simple reason that they duped the minister of Finance and whoever was structuring this proposal to put all creditors in one basket,” Nawakwi said, arguing that loans gotten through Eurobond were not the same as loans obtained bilaterally with other countries.

She said the IMF under the G 20 framework have told the administration to negotiate with those Zambia got “kaloba” from and bilateral lenders as one and that these terms must be equal.

“Which person you got kaloba from will accept to be paid at the same rate as that of country or multilateral institution?” Nawakwi asked.

She said the IMF framework will not work and the government should just tell the IMF that they are not able to get the creditors to agree on a common platform, saying the administration should leave the private creditors aside by going to the bilaterals and multilaterals starting with Chin…


  1. Editor your headline and story content dont relate . i expected to see the better alternative policies of FDD but alas there is nothing rather than lamenting on the IMF deal. Its either the headline is misplaced or the story is incomplete.

  2. Nawakwi is self deluded enough to think that by simply stating that she has workable alternatives without giving details, we will believe her. This is a failed politician who gets kickbacks from PeeEfu to get HH arrested and killed.

    Okey, why didn’t you advise PeeEfu to not get kaloba in the first place? You are a beneficiary of that kaloba and now that you did not do anything useful with the crumbs they gave you, you are here today polluting the air with your fake solutions and lies. Sorry Madame, the bar has been raised. The current standards are too high for you komboni mentality.

  3. That’s right. Nawakwi is a failed politician clawn who should harbours a personal hatred again President Hichilema. She paid a blind eye to PF’s evil deeds and supported their reckless borrowing and stealing.Now she is badly defeated and disappointed failure who can insult. To help with you, Nawakwi.


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