Felix Mutati

By Felix Mutati
It has come to my attention via various sections of the media that there is a story surrounding FTJ University funding and that I should explain my role then, headlined as “Ask MUTATI about FTJ University, he was Finance Minister, PF tells GOVT”

I wish to state as follows:

On February 14, 2018 – I was demoted as Minister of Finance and sent to the Ministry of Works and Supply (Press Statement headed “President Lungu reshuffles Cabinet issued by Amos Chanda, Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations – State House” is attached).

On 28th February, 2018 – the first payment for FTJ University of US Dollars 8,888,421.63 was made to China Energy Engineering Group.

You will notice from the above that the first payment was made following my removal.

Subsequent payments made on FTJ Project were as follow:


1. 20th March, 2018


2. 20th April, 2018


3.1st June, 2018


This brings the total payments to China Energy Group for FTJ Project to USD 33,750,000.00.

I trust that this clarifies the payment transactions on the FTJ project.


  1. So how do you know the exact dates this money was paid out?

    I doubt the Chinese are at fault here. It is the PF thieves led by Lungu. No shame.

    Meanwhile Hakainde has not prosecuted even one corruption case. He only barks and makes empty promises about asset recovery. A complete waste of time. Wasted vote.

    • @IndigoTyrol…

      Even that’s what is paining me my President HH isn’t doing anything. No CONVICTION UPTO NOW sure.

  2. Within the Ministry of Finance, there must be people who facilitated these payments and these are the people we need to know. What was the role of the ST then and the Accountant General?

  3. Come on people. He was asked to explain his role in the issue regarding the FTJ university in Luapula. He has adequately stated his position. On top of that he has furnished the figures paid out from the Ministry of Finance.

    Why are you still attacking him. We keep telling you that those who keep attacking and accusing others of criminal acts are the same characters who are at fault.

    Now that his is in the clear and he has justified his position tell us another lie, it appears each time you open you mouths you entangle yourselves further as the wrong doers. This is commical. If you guys are not careful you will have no more words to say except just make funny mouth noises and face gestures when asked about your actions.

    So now answer the question we asked you. What did you do with the money? Where is it since the building is not built. Don’t tell us you built it in the Spirit hence we can not see the building. Guys here you are caught red handed. Just come out in the open, we understand you are human, but some of you will still have to be jailed of course.

    • Investigations and court proceeding are not a walk in the park, these are alligations which have to be proved in court, you can’t just go to court tomorrow, a time is coming when these convictions will start coming, I tell you more arrest are coming, some cases will be won and others will be be lost, others will even take a very long time to complete

  4. This explains why PF cadres were paraded to get Mutati fired. He was a stumbling block to PF plans.
    I like the way New Dawn is building up these high profile cases. As they say, the Wheels of justice move slowly. Many will go to jail over this FTJ University Saga!
    Shameless Lubinda should learn to shut up! This case is beyond him.


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