I’ll Not Stoop Low To Respond To “uncultured Young Girl Chushi Kasanda” – Nawakwi



I will not stoop so low to answer an uncultured girl, FDD leader Edith Nawakwi has told Information minister Chushi Kasanda.

Responding to Kasanda’s assertion that she was always fascinated with talking about homosexuality as if she was one of them, after Nawakwi had earlier questioned the relationship between the UPND administration and the University of Maryland in the United States whom she said had collaborated to train the homosexuals and other wayward people about their purported rights, with people from the police, National Prosecutions Authority and some government ministries having conducted the training on the LGBTQ purported rights, Nawakwi described homosexuality as an attack on the souIs of the nation, which she said the UPND administration was in the forefront of promoting.

“I shall not stoop.. https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/iii-not-stoop-low-to-respond-to-uncultured-young-girl-kasanda-nawakwi/


  1. Nawakei comes out more uncultured than young Chushi Kasanda. It’s good someone has caused her kuyuma mukamwa, she had no words to respond for a change.

  2. Mmmmm ba Nawakwi you have relegated yourself to dustbin politics. You are too far from being called decent politician. The uncultured one is you madam.

  3. Edith insoni ebuntu….who is uncultured?
    1. Husband snatcher
    2. Political vuvuzela to extent of creating stories against a honourable married man.
    3. Gold diggist and tomentor of a fellow woman and children ++++++
    Please Hon Chushi is not your type, grow up.

  4. Does this girl so called Nampala surely understand the level the world is moving at? Who does not know LGBTQ? Ask the parliamentarians of last season, who were caught readhanded on camera watching pornography pictures? Were they UPND or PF?
    When I see the eyes of Nawakwi carefuly, you will notice one thing that she is sick, and hatred shall kill her. She needs to be helped.

  5. So much from a well cultured lady! Like really?? All the insults, rudeness targeted at people including the current president can be classified as civil from a cultured lady? Madam, from where I stand, I really would not qualify you as a role model on morality standard.

  6. If anything Edith you are the one who is uncultured. You have never had a stable marriage at your age ather than interfering in other women’s marriages ! You are in short a disgrace to your fellow women. In politics you have lamentedly failed. Before you utter something please reflect because you are simply embarrassing your self. Being single is even respected in the bible but you are simply a nuisance. Don’t repeat this again. Save your face. Chushi Kasanda is decent compared to you.

  7. Nawakwi, you are big let down and uncultured. At your age you should be the one advising Young women, but you act opposite. You have already stooped low by answering back kikikikiki.


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