I’ll embarrass UPND in Kabushi – Bowman

By Kombe Mataka

FORMER Kabushi PF member of parliament Bowman Lusambo says he will embarrass the system that will be employed by UPND to scoop the seat.

He says “for me, Kabushi Constituency is a family matter. Me, I will not be fighting UPND or that nonentity guy”.

But UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa says the party will ensure it wins the Kabushi parliamentary by-election so that plunderers are not allowed back on the seat.
Lusambo had his election as Kabushi member of parliament nullified by the Constitutional Court last Thursday on grounds of political violence
and other malpractices.
Lusambo has since declared interest to
recontest the seat on the PF ticket.

He said he had information that the UPND would employ government machinery to win the seat.

“Kabushi is not a constituency where just go and say ‘I am going to win Kabushi’. It is not possible. It is a very different constituency because we have invested in the people by creating a relationship with the people. The relationship is too strong and there is no one who can destroy it. If you go with the history of Kabushi, there is no one who has
retained Kabushi Constituency for a second time. I was the first one since independence. And it was not by accident. It was because I have created a relationship with the people which is very strong. I have heard people saying that they will get the government machinery in Kabushi. People in Kabushi Constituency don’t care about the system,” Lusambo said. “We had a very strong government system in this country, not the current system which is non-existent. We had a very strong system like the [Levy] Mwanawasa [administration], it was very strong. Kabushi Constituency then still voted for an independent in the name of (Nedson) Nzowa. Again
Msichili was there under opposition. There, we will embarrass the system. Us we embarrass the system. People don’t bribe us. We do what
our hearts are telling us. That is the biggest problem that is there is in Kabushi.”
He said he would focus his campaign on the minors in the area.

“If you go there, the support base for any strong politician in the world, the support base starts with kids. If you don’t have support from kids, forget. There is nothing that you will do in politics.

Those kids represent families, which means the things those kids say is the thing which they say in their homes where they are coming from,” said Lusambo. “For me, Kabushi Constituency is a family matter. Me, I will not be fighting UPND or that ka (the) nonentity guy (petitioner). You cannot
compare that guy to me. You cannot.”
But speaking at a briefing on Tuesday, Mweetwa said the UPND would win Kabushi because the people were appreciative of the party’s governance.

“We are ready to move into Kabushi. We are ready to win the by-election. I also would like to indicate that we have already unleashed our
investigative machinery on the ground to ensure that the people of Kabushi are given the best candidate. We think that this particular by-election will be competitive but easier,” said Mweetwa. “We are putting in everything for Kabushi. There should be no secret. The reason is we do not want to give an opportunity for people who plundered this country by some miracle then come up and say people still love him. Yes people love them but they don’t want them in government period.”
Lusambo was until the nullification of the election serving his second term.
Lusambo won by slightly over 5,000 votes ahead of UPND’s Bernard Kanengo.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is expected to conduct fresh election in the constituency within 90 days from the day of



  2. How so??are you even eligible to contest the said by election,i highly doubt that, but say you do still contest i don’t think it will go as smoothly as you think it will because this time you’ll not be using vote buying tactics and your NATO forces won’t be given the lee way to intimidate and cause havoc to both competitors and electorates because we are in a new dawn and such won’t be condoned at all,so keep dreaming son after all dreaming and ranting like a fool is free! All thing’s being equal,we shall wait and see.

  3. Ba Kabushi will decide!
    It’s not about you ba Lusambo or UPND!
    Give Democracy space to work!
    Let’s learn to respect and humble ourselves!

  4. The problem is really not with Lusambo.

    If we had a President serious in fighting corruption, Bowman would be in jail right now. And the issue of Kabushi would not even be an issue.

    Nomba ba kateka is soft like cikanda when it comes to fighting theft and corruption. It is like he is allergic to fighting corruption.

  5. You are still ranting like a fool minister at a time when everyone sees you going down as a loser. You a loser lusambo right now if you don’t see it.

    Look, just to give you an insight. You won with a neglible margin when you still wilted power and influence.

    You have since been exposed as illiterate on the academic front and kabushi have asked themselves questions about yes they love you but you are no longer what should lead them, the material you are made of is expired now for leadership to parliament.

    You are waiting for jail. This will surely happen even if they took you to parliament a thousand times. So why stick to a tick on a dead horse?

    You don’t own the people. Kabushi is a constituency for the people and don’t overate yourself like without a thug like you there would be no kabushi tomorrow.

    The law is still there. You file in the morning, the same morning someone will petition you and if the reason for your disqualification from parliament by court are the ones spelt out as not permissible for a candidate, bo ndate Edgar Bowman, there is nothing you will do. You can claim to be all powerful and popular in kabushi but once the law says otherwise to your aspirations, kwasila.

    Apa ni law we follow now not vija vama NATO forces. Inaluka ija kwasila NATO forces formula manje kulibe going forward.

    If you look at the free advice l have given you above, doesn’t it show you that you have odds that indicate you are now a loser. ?

    Pray, reflect and try and work quietly. You are now weakened, heading to total loss iwe Bowman. Which one is not true of the above?

    Yaipa apa muntu wabo. That is how selfclaimed empires crumble. Now even zinja ndalama zasalako, think of the court cases and the lawyers.

    Skulu and puffed up impunity ya pf ndiye problem imwe ba loser

  6. We are waiting for you in Kabushi, rest assured that you will receive an all mighty beating with a shambok, after that you will be beaten once again. If you have balls then come, prepare your thighs for a fight for justice

  7. First first try to find out if you are eligible to stand. Even if you win why subject the people of zambia and kabushi in particular to another by election because you know you will be on jail soon and therefore lose your position as MP.

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